Why do they sell fake cigars? What do they aim? Is it only for making more money or scamming cigar lovers?

I think, both. These companies(if they really are) are unfortunately nightmares of cigars lovers. There is no legal action is taken against these companies. As I heard from a friend of mine working at Habanos S.A., there is a department in Habanos who are inspecting all companies selling Habanos product all around the world. Ok, but what is this department doing? Are they inspecting only companies selling Cuban cigars? What kind of legal actions are taken against these companies selling fake products. Answer is simple; nothing. I have sent mails regarding this issue maybe tens of times. I declared all companies selling fake cigars but I could not get a single reply. That’s the reason why I decided to write this blog and try to inform people and maybe urge Habanos S.A. to begin legal actions against these companies. I hope after people showing up interest to our blog Habanos will begin doing their job.

When we come to the issue, at this article we will inspect companies selling fake Cuban cigars online worldwide, list and reveal them one by one.

Our aim is to make everybody aware of these companies and try to prevent people buying from these companies. If we can succeed, these companies will lack in effect slowly and decrease their activities in time. Maybe there will be no need for Habanos to take any legal actions. J

We revealed current counterfeited Habanos products at FAKE CUBAN CIGARS article in detail but we also need your help to complete the whole list. You can help us by providing firms you purchased along with detailed images of the products that you are sure that counterfeited.

Below you can find the current list of websites selling fake Cuban Cigars online;
7 websites listed below is owned by individual called Andrey Yurechenko and all of them is same company.

Solo Cigars (Asia Cigars) (Accumweb Ltd.)

Solo Cigars (Asia Cigars) (Accumweb Ltd.)

Finest Cigars (Asian Cigars)

Finest Cigars (Asian Cigars)

Rocket Cigars (Asian Cigars) old name Go Cubans

Rocket Cigars (Asian Cigars) old name Go Cubans

Royal Habanos (Asian Cigars)

Royal Habanos (Asian Cigars)

Swiss Cuban Cigars (Asian Cigars)

Swiss Cuban Cigars (Asian Cigars)

Vip Cuban Cigars (Asian Cigars)

Vip Cuban Cigars (Asian Cigars)

Cuban Cigars Best (Asian Cigars)

Cuban Cigars Best (Asian Cigars)

Cigar Smokes (Asian Cigars)

Cigar Smokes (Asian Cigars)

Cuban Cigar Plaza (Asian Cigars)

Cuban Cigar Plaza (Asian Cigars)

Buy Cuban Cigars Online

Buy Cuban Cigars Online

(Updated 01.20.2019)

There are two noticeable websites in these;



There websites are advertising at the one of the most popular blog in the world (Cigar Inspector). It is unbelievable such a blog accepts this kind of advert. They should immediately stop this advertisement and should apologize from its visitors.

NOTE: We are really happy to reveal websites selling fake products to our visitors and we also would like you to inform us about other websites you know selling fake products.

ALL FAKE CIGAR SHOPS LIST (Updated 05.16.2020)

GoCubans.com with new name is RocketCigars.com
(Updated 02.27.2021)


ZohoCigars.com (This blog is inactive right now. The new name is CigarAdvisorBlog.com)
These kınd of blogs are seen as cigar review blogs however their aim is totally different. They direct you to their own sale websites and those websites sell fake cigars also we have pointed out these websites above article;

Enjoy smoking…

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  1. Did anyone try cubancigarwholesale.com ??
    Is it legit? Scam?

  2. Another fake profile set up to like the other fake profile and posts on Facebook and leave positive comments


    Raul Gonzalez

  3. Another scammer fake Facebook profile


    Martha Johnson is a guy 😉

  4. Hi…if a website has cigars with unbroken habanos seals (and tax seal) where the serial number can be verified to the Habanos Website’s authenticity webpage, shouldn’t that be sufficient to prove authenticity?

  5. Is theHavanacigars.com website legitimate? I can’t seem to find any info for good or bad.

  6. Does anyone know if Cubancigarmegastore.com is a legit Cuban Cigar site?

  7. Is this a legit site?

  8. Cubancigarmegastore is FAKE

    • I have tried ordering twice from CubanCigarMegastore. Both times (months apart) they processed my order but failed to ship. They have long scripted emails ready to send you explaining the “delays” and “backorders” but only send you these once you inquire due to hearing nothing on your supposed order shipment. Fortunately they refunded me after some volleys of BS. They even sent a follow up email saying that my cigars finally arrived the week after I was refunded and were sold to another customer – LIARS. I would not have used them twice but I forgot that they had been the store that did it so long ago. They are trash.

  9. Last year I purchased a box of maduro 5 from these guys. If anyone doesn’t believe me. I dtill have 7 or eight at home. I purchased a mox of Medio Siglo, these are legitimate.

  10. Just found lacasadeisigari.com
    For me it looks like fake. Any experience?

  11. Anyone try lacasadeltabaco.shop I am hesitant on pulling the trigger. prices are average on most cigars but super low on others.

  12. Is the mail Cuban cigars legit?

  13. “La Habana” is a chain of 3 shops in Malaysia selling fake cigars. The owner is a conman who pretends he has direct connections to Cuba (don’t they all!).

    • Hey, thanks for sharing. What makes you think their cigars are fake? I have purchased from that shop before. I am interested to understand your thinking. Thanks again.

  14. I’ve heard EGM is legitimate.
    I’ve got cigars some from Swiss Cuban cigars and after my trip to Cuba and some more research, I realize that Swiss Cuban cigars is counterfeit cigars.
    They look good and the numbers on the seal check out but after closer inspection, the are counterfeit.

  15. Sabe alguien sobre la página EGM CICGARS.COM ?????

  16. My question to anyone if they can help me. What about finest cuban cigars.com there a mixed reviews are they legit?

  17. Domenico DeGennaro

    I agree with Daniel C
    Ciggarosemporium. Com is a scam .
    They will ask you to pay via PayPal friends and family so there’s no recourse.
    Plus to add insult to injury, their scam shipper,Emissarios.com will try to extort more money from you to unblock the supposed item stuck in customs. They have a fake Facebook page with no comments.
    Martina will lead you on until payment clears the ghosts you.

  18. HAS ANYONE EVERY ORDERED FROM http://www.rsvpcigars.com?

    Have tried 5 times with 3 different Visa an Mastercards and declined and hardly get a solid answer as to why by email. I even registered with them 2 weeks before I tried to place an order.

    Seems they are in business not to be in business?

  19. For some reason a question I asked last week did not post, maybe a glitch in the system. Is there any information or experience with the LCDH in St Martin

  20. No More Puro Express. Straight up nonsense : r/cubancigars

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    3 Nov 2021 — They cancel my new orders and said they can not meet my standards and to purchase from somewhere else LOL….. I thought it was pretty …
    puroexpress ? : r/cubancigars – Reddit
    5 Jul 2022
    My experience with puroexpress.com : r/cubancigars – Reddit
    16 Apr 2020
    puropress.com is it selling fake cigar? – Reddit
    24 Aug 2018
    PuroExpress (rough) Experience : r/cigars – Reddit
    17 Aug 2017
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