Solo Cigars (Asia Cigars) (Fake)

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Company Name: Not Avilable
Phone Number: (800) 807-8526 and +1 (786) 228-5435 Toll-free line. No official phone number available.
Fax Number: Not Avaliable
Address: SoloCigars Panama – Calle 65 No 20 San Francisco Panama City Panama
Address: Accumweb Ltd. – 77 Strovolos Center – PO BOX 771 Nicosia CYPRUS
Address: Asian Asia Cigars Hong Kong Unit 1010, Miramar Tower, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong


SoloCigars is the head of websites selling fake products online. It’s known with SoloGirls. It is managed by Kyrgyz individual called Andrey Yurechenco and shipments were made by his name from Costa Rica. Ring diameters, boxes and serial numbered barcodes were prepared for cigars here. Nicaraguan tobacco (leaf) is used to prepare cigars. (Nicaraguan tobacco is an extremely low-cost tobacco. Credit card information of customers are used for Andrey Yurechenco’s pharmacy family business. You really should keep away from this website.

They were recently using Panama and Cyprus addresses and lastly Hong Kong address added up as well. Hong Kong became base of fake cigar shipments recently and lots of companies headed to this country.
Unfortunately lots of cigar smokers are using this website. Some of them purchasing unwittingly and some of them are showing off with their fake cigars at Facebook pages and around their friends as if they are smoking authentic Cuban cigars. How bad is that this is an insult to cigars culture and such a pity that they smoke an unknown thing instead of a Cuban cigars.

Below you can find the other extensions of this company. It is not that much difficult for us to understand that these are all belonging to same person. These websites used to be in same format before but recently they redesigned them but features are still same. Images were taken from representative images online or stealing from official online stores without permission and photoshopping them and displaying as if its their own image. Products are always in 25’s boxes.(New products are also included.)

Recently they tried to changed their images on main pages like this;

As you can see on the image, there must be serial number on new seal on Habanos products but this seal is not available at none of this companies. Because serial numbers are registered at Habanos and its very hard to steal these.(Not impossible) That is the reason why companies selling counterfeited products are printing this label without serial number, that part of seal is completely white. This clever guys edited this image with photoshop as if it has a serial number and wrote an faint serial number and tried to pretend like they have an authentic product. But unfortunately masters of this area can easily distinguish this difference and only laugh at them.

When you ask these companies some questions, answers are always same;
What is the name of your company?
If these websites are introducing themselves as companies they must have an official company names. These websites cannot answer your this particular question. Don’t you think that a company needs an official registiration? Why do they need to conceal this? How can a quasi Habanos dealer would like to conceal their name?

Many websites listed below is owned by individual called Andrey Yurechenko and these are other extensions of This is an organization trying to sell their products in different countries at different addresses with different prices. All shipments were made from Costa Rica.

NOTE: We are really happy to reveal websites selling fake products to our visitors and we also would like you to inform us about other websites you know selling fake products. with new name is

Please click here for Full List of Fake Cuban Cigar Shops

Fake Cigar Review Blogs (the new name is
These kınd of blogs are seen as cigar review blogs however their aim is totally different. They direct you to their own sale websites and those websites sell fake cigars also we have pointed out these websites above article;

Please click here for Full List of Fake Cigar Review Blogs

Enjoy smoking…

  SoloCigars is the head of websites selling fake products online. It’s known with SoloGirls. It is managed by…

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  1. Cigars International on my worst list boils down to the fact that they still have an F rating with Better Business Bureau. The rating is largely due to an IT issue that surfaced in February 2017 that resulted in thousands of customers being charged for orders that then had extreme delays in delivery. You can read the ground floor from the consumer point here. The problem has mostly been fixed, but I ve still seen reviews surfacing around the internet from customers who are still reporting problems. 

    • Cigars International is horrible and I’m not surprised of their F rating. They double charged me for the same product and on top of that, failed to send the product(s). I caught the mistake and requested a charge back to my card, they stalled and acted slow on my charge back so I contacted my credit card company and the credit card company did it from their end within a few days. Afterwards, Cigars International “black listed” me and wouldn’t permit me to order from them online anymore.
      Good riddance, I stopped ordering from them years ago and get my cigars from better places, faster service, better quality cigars, better prices, and better customer service. The did me a BIG favor.

  2. I have been ordering cigars from for about 15 years now. I just received my most recent purchase 2 days ago. These are, by far, the most Awesome cigars I’ve EVER smoked and I’ve been smoking cigars for over 30 years. You say they are “fake”, but even if they were, I would STILL buy them because they are just that good!! I’ve never had a bad experience dealing with them. I wonder if this site promotes another cigar website so you tell people Solo is fake so they won’t buy from them???

  3. Another fake Facebook page in CA

    buy cuban cigars

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