How can you identify the authentic product? What are the main points?

First clause to answer these questions is becoming a really good smoker. You could be about to buy a really good fake one. There must be some criteria’s of a good smoker.

* First of all you can make a visual test. Below we listed vital points in detail. You must apply these precisely. You can feel relaxed if the product satisfies these conditions because recently there is no counterfeits available satisfying these points.

* Do you still have questions in your mind? So, you have to prove that you are a good smoker. Take the product and test the condition and the special smell dedicated to Cuban cigars. Open the box and smoke one. If everything is like the way you want there is only one word to say;

Below new smokers and regular smokers were informed. If you complete reading well it means that you are able to identify the difference between counterfeited one and the authentic one.

Warranty Seal
Habanos S.A. printed a new seal to increase the product safety through the end of 2009-2010.
Two types of seals were printed;

1) 118mm x 35mm for dress box and cabinet boxes.

Serial numbers were printed differently. Seal was printed on synthetic paper. Hologram was printed in dual colours.
2) 58mm x 20mm for carton packs.
There is no barcode serial number on the small seal.
There is no barcode serial number on the small seal.
Cuban tobacco transit seal

This generation of seal also saw the introduction of the transit seal, which is placed on the boxes at the factory before they shipped to a central warehouse where the main seal is applied, covering the transit seal.

This is the sticker placed on products before transfer from factory to central warehouse.
Transit was renewed around 2014.
2010 – …
Habanos S.A. made some changes on the warranty seal through the end of 2010. Hologram extended 2mm’s. Barcode serial number begin to printed 12 digits in one row. Edges of the seal were curved.
Serial numbers were printed differently. Micro printed serial numbers were printed on 9 different points on warranty seal starting late 2011.
Habanos S.A. made some changes again on seal hologram at mid 2013.
At the old one AQUI logo was clear and HABANOS script was blurry.
At the new hologram AQUI script is blurry and HABANOS is clear.

Micro serial number on warranty seal and barcode serial number might be erased on products purchased from reliable companies. Reason is clear.

There are many Habanos S.A. distributors around the world and each one of the can sell to their particular region. They cannot sell to other distributors region.
As an example; Some reliable websites ( TopCubans, CigarOne, HitCigars, Cigars of Cuba etc.) are located in Switzerland and InterTabak AG is the distributor of the country which is supplying to these websites. But this companies are making an agreement with InterTabak AG.

* These companies should be removing barcode serial number and micro serial numbers in order to send their products to another country other than Switzerland (e.g. Japan) because they are sending the product to other distributors’ region which is THE PACIFIC CIGAR CO. LTD. in Japan.

* If these companies would send the products without removing the barcode serial number and micro serial number distributor at the receivers region which is THE PACIFIC CIGAR CO LTD at this example will have the rights to complain about InterTabak AG to Habanos S.A. and Habanos S.A. will be taking legal measures against InterTabak AG.

To summarize, each distributor can only sell to their own region. They must remove this part of the seal in order to sell to another region or country. If you would like to see the full seal on your product you must be visiting the regional distributors showroom and purchase from there by hand.

Below you can see the shipment method of these companies clearly.

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  1. This explains why Cubanlou’s almost always ships boxes without the barcode or serial number. I’ve purchased Cuban cigars from certified Habana SA dealers at duty free in different countries and brought those cigars home and compared them to purchases made from Cubanlou’s (my cigars sit in a humidor for several years). They look, feel, smell, and taste the same. The labels and boxes look legit. If Cubanlou’s is selling fakes, I promise you not even a certified Habanos SA dealer could tell the difference. Some countries have much better prices than others. Canada and the UK are among the highest in the world. France, Dubai, Italy, and Beirut are much more reasonable. Cubanlou’s prices are in line with those countries. Not cheap, but not ridiculously overpriced because of tobacco taxes.

    • Thanks for the helpful note. ?Oddly, Iv’e had some of the fake stuff, the Nicaraguan, and if you get them cheap enough, they aren’t bad. Not in the league of the real,m but as good as the $12-$20 Dominican and other Caribbean stuff in the US.

      What the best priced legit places? Do you know?

    • Johnny R. Thanks for your comments on Cubanlou’s i just ordered a box from them and a box from CigarOne. Hopefully the seals are intact. I can understand about the barcode deal but why remove the other seals? I will give an update soon as they arrive. Both sellers sent tracking numbers and both seem to be legit as of now. But as with all that has gone down in this buisness im not holding my breath..

      • The bar code and micro-stamps are the serial numbers. The entire warranty seal has the serial numbers. Use a magnifier to see them. Cutting off the bar code and serial number is a futile exercise.

    • Larry mariano

      I’ve bought several boxes from Cuban plus and cigar terminal that are the same product,the cigars I have gotten without the bar code are from pure express

    • Larry mariano

      I have bought six boxes from Cuba loud they all had the bar codes,pure express removes the bar because they buy from a gray market distributor

  2. Hello, been trying to send Habanos. com an e-mail for over a week an keep getting message failure.
    Any way does any one know what the ” stamp” means on the verification page?
    I am assuming the ” verification code” is the UPC code.
    If anyone has any insight I would great appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance

  3. Cuban Lou’s is a legit website. I have placed many many orders from them and have compared their product sent to the ones bought at duty free shops around the world and each box is a match. Their prices are competitive but not always the lowest.

  4. So is Cuban Lou’s a legitimate Cuban seller?

    • I’d like to have that confirmed as well. According to their website, their prices are inclusive of shipping so no surprise shipping costs.

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