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WebSite: www.dutyfreecubancigars.com
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Smoke break… We’ll be right back!

We’re taking care of some quick updates and we’ll be back even better than ever.

Have a question about your order, please email us at [email protected]

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General Information: (from the website) Smoke break... We'll be right back! We're taking care of some quick updates and we'll be back even better than ever. Have a question about your order, please email us at [email protected] Price: N/A Customer Satisfaction: N/A Product Authenticity: N/A Price: N/A

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User Rating: 2.95 ( 122 votes)
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  1. This is my experience:

    1) Placed an order on Jan 20th, there were email updates from Damian till the order was placed.

    2) No response after multiple follow ups after this date and order is still in Pending status.

    Also, I see a comment on previous review stating that “Damian has had a medical issue since Dec. and is now recovering. He has had no access to the internet or phone calls due to location. He has advised me of all info to help solve these matters as he is the sole operator of the website. I will try my best with regards.” , then how was he able to respond to my emails till my payment was made on 20th JANUARY ?

    Latest Update:

    I was told that I will receive the refund in 3 days (On March 3rd) and I have not yet received the refund yet.

  2. Ordered 2 bottle of rum in Feb. Sent numerous emails with 0 replies This Damian guy is
    A crook and needs to be turned in. My lawyer plan to file a report with Malcom Kay of the RCIPS. He is the chief inspector of the Georgetown Police. I will do my best to destroy this man and his company and will not stop posting my experience on every cigar website and forum.
    Order # 19056


    I already requested credit card to refund the transaction and got the full refund. There is a minimum number of days (usually 60 days) after which you can’t claim disputed charges. The strategy of DFCC is to wait out this period and steal you money.

    Please do this ASAP.


      I ordered from them in February. The owner took over $700 from me and is no longer returning messages since March. Once I paid I recieved no feedback and I suspect he scammed me. AVOID!

      iHavanas or Cigars of Habanos have both delivered to me since February

  4. It appears the Duty Free site may have been taken down? I get the 404 Error every time I try to bring them up and the same with any email communications. About one month ago, I placed a small order with them at which time the site was responsive. Tried to get in touch on anticipated shipping because I am actually interested in duplicating my first order which was for the LGC Md#4 which other vendors are out of and I do not believe they will be rolled again? Alas, my sorry luck.

    • Same with me! I am livid!

    • Yes, the site has been taken down so now the credit card company has to pursue my $300. Not that long ago, DFCC was a legitimate vendor with a terrible marketing plan. The charged about the same for cigars as other vendors but would then proceed to charge $35 to ship two boxes to the USA. Folks viewed them making money on the sale of cigars and then making some more in the shipping. Other online merchants selling various products do not do this.

  5. DFCC has re-branded themselves as “Mail Cuban Cigars”. Damian is still very much active. Check out my YouTube channel “Cigar Salute” and watch the feature “Draw & Order:
    Special Vendor Unit” there I show in photos and discuss the proof of my claim. This guy is never going to make anyone he took money from whole. Smoke him out of whatever hole he’s hiding in down in the Cayman Islands and make him pay through the nose for it. He also charters a boat & works as a bartender/cook at a local hotel there.

    • Daniel from New York, I viewed your Cigar salute channel and watched a couple of your videos, took your advice and findings of Cuban cigars and recommended websites. I went ahead and placed an order from one of them and on delivery and inspection beginning of August, I found many flaws and am now hesitant in your advice and in correspondence with the Cuban websites to now return the 2 boxes. I don’t know if you are getting free cigars to boost certain websites with positive youtube videos but I am certainly not impressed. I would be skeptical of the advice and knowledge this Cigar Salute is advertising or promoting.

      • Wallace,
        Sorry to hear you weren’t happy with your cigars. I will tell you right now that I have no deals with any merchants, nor am I their spokesperson. I have a very good career completely independent of the cigar industry. I am a bit surprised that you say you bought 2 boxes of cigars based on my videos, but didn’t contact me with questions or photos when you decided you weren’t happy with them? I’d appreciate you taking a few minutes to email me and send me photos of the cigars, your issues with them, and where you got them. It’s hard to say much else since you were vague about what your issues were in your original post.
        Wishing you better luck in your cigar endeavors, Dan

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