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Company Name: COC Club
(We don’t know offical company name)
Phone Number: +41 22 776 6270
Fax Number: +41 22 776 6271
Address: CP 1451 CH-1211 Carouge 26, Geneva – SWITZERLAND

General Information:
Cigars of Cuba is one of the oldest websites and they are selling 100% authentic cigars with wonderful condition. You can place order with confidence. As is it written on their website 
“Cigars-of-Cuba offers you a selection of quality Cuban cigars distributed by Habanos and shipped from our walk-in humidors in Geneva, Switzerland. You are invited to visit our 160 m2 (1722 sq feet) climate controlled warehouse. Contact us to set an appointment.”
If you find yourself in Geneva, you can visit the company and purchase from their store. Joe will be glad to help you. They revert little late and this could be considered as only negative thing. It might be caused by intensive interest but in any case they should be reverting as soon as possible.

Prices are good and if you can catch campaign season you can buy 100% authentic products for really good prices.

Customer Satisfaction: 8/10
Product Authenticity: 90%
Price: 9/10

***You can also check two websites and you will see that the same company. NOMINIS SA, rue Caroline 29, 1227 Acacias, Geneva, CHE-390.270.555

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I also think companies below has same owner;

  • Cigars of Cuba
  • CigarOne
  • TopCubans 
  • VipCigars
If you were to ask why?
  • This companies are using same images. It seems like they were taken by same photographer. If you look carefully you can easily notice it.
  • If you buy from these companies and when you check back side of the product you can see that barcode system to list the products are same.
  • Campaigns are made in particular intervals and if you are registered to newsletters of these websites you can see the campaigns following each other.

For all these reasons I think that these companies are belonging to same company or individual. This system is made to create different brands for each website. If a customer is unsatisfied with one website they will never buy from there again and other brands are created to hold this particular unsatisfied customer.

General Information: Cigars of Cuba is one of the oldest websites and they are selling 100% authentic cigars with wonderful condition. You can place order with confidence. As is it written on their website  “Cigars-of-Cuba offers you a selection of quality Cuban cigars distributed by Habanos and shipped from our walk-in humidors in Geneva, Switzerland. You are invited to visit our 160 m2…

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  1. Why they dont reveal their offical name? despite they sell authentic cigars?

  2. Bought Cubans from Cigars of Cuban , 2 boxes .
    Both Boxes Seals were slit open and barcodes were torn off, a clear indication that these are fake, smoked one to confirm my suspicions and Yes FAKE ,
    Cigar Analysis should be ashamed

  3. The C.O.C (Cigars of Cuba) website who selling real Cuba cigars
    is the finest place that you can try to buy althentic Cuba cigars with confidence on line.

    Like everyone who try to use website to order Cuba cigars must ask:
    Isn’t it real althentic cubas ?
    How long I need to wait after I paid ?
    Are they positive to solve happens or just disappeared after they get money…?
    I spend almost a year to try every website which selling real cuba cigars. Including COC, DFCC,
    LCDH knokke, cg smoker, cgworld, HGE, HCR, FOH………etc. Some of they r really suck n
    negative to solve problems and avg. score get highest iz COC which one better then others in “price”, “service attitude”, “delivery speed”, “after sell”,even in “customers ask”.

    That’s why I recommend this shop to who consider to have an order on internet to buy cigars.
    By the way, I don’t have any relationship with everybody just about real experience data with deals.

  4. (California)
    Just Bought some “Cubans” from Cigars-of-Cuba. And they are hands down fake! I have a ton of pictures if anyone is thinking of buying from them. DONT!
    I received inconsistent labels, some decent and some real shitty! Half of the cigars had a rips on the foot!
    The vitolas were different widths and some were tightly packed and some loose.
    I even got some cigars with mold!

    I smoked one and the ash fell really small and after a minute and a half of not taking a puff, it turned off on me.

    Very very unpleased. Wasted $200, and God willing I can prevent that from happening to someone else!

    Communication was good till I received my package, then is stopped. And that is not a good sign.
    It would make sense that Cigar one is owned by the same people(person) cause I emailed to ask if they sold sealed boxes, mentioning also that COC had claimed to send. Open boxes for “quality inspection”)…. and never got a Response. And it has been 4 days since..
    If one company does good quality, why create 3 other sites?

    Help me spread the word, do not give your business to those 4 sites.

    ***A Manager from Total wine told me he has recieved original sealed boxes from “casa del habano” multiple times! Give them your business!!!
    if you would like pics n I have some videos as well. Feel free to contact me.
    Aramonbm at gmail

    • This cigars are 100% fake indeed, this is a scam, please stay away from them.

    • So far as I can tell, they’re all fake.

    • It is clear that you a clueless when it comes to importing Cuban cigars into the USA. I have received boxes sealed on numerous occasions, not to mention the cheaper the cigar the less quality you get. Also not every Cuban is hand rolled…

    • I had the same experience with Cigars of Cuba! I have smoked Portages D 4s for years and still had a few in left to compare them to what was sent to me by this supposed “Authentic” Cuban Cigars outfit. No comparison; the cigars arrived dried out and were inconsistent in size, the leaves of many of the wrappers were damaged and in poor condition, but most importantly, these were not the D 4s I have come to love. I don’t know if they were just dried out seconds normally disposed of or what, but they were fake (in the sense of not what I had paid for) and poor ones at that. I am incredulous that they are listed on your website as and authentic Cuban cigar provider as that is not what I experienced.

    • Hello send me some pictures please.

    • They shipped me the wrong cigars and refused to admit problem. After many emails, had to contact VISA to cancel payment. Really bad customer service and unethical.

  5. I purchase cigars from Cigars of Cuba. According to your information, the authenticity of their product is 90%. Do you mean that I still have a chance to receive fake cigars from them?

  6. Stay away from this company. They are fakes!!!

  7. All of their box seals are cut open. I never received a reply from their customer service people when asked about this, and multiple people have commented about their cigars being fake.

  8. My experience was very positive. The boxes were sealed, stamps were in place. I purchase Nontecristo #2 and Cohiba Robustos. I have smoked these while visiting Cuba and these cigars I purchased from COC were 100% authentic.

  9. I ordered from C.O.C. and have not had an issue with the ones I did smoke. Now I saw this comment on another site. Anyone chime in?

    There is a new comment on the post “Cigars of Cuba”.

    Author: Mr.Yi Comment: JEAN IS A CHEATER!

    They have been selling FAKE cigars!!!

    I bought box of Sir Winston and Wide Churchill from them in June, but when the cigar arrvied they proved to be 100% FAKE.

    The code on Sir Winston is 000036855956(Habanos verification shows this JOSE L. PIEDRA CAZADORES)

    The code on Wide Churchill is 000007937387 (Habanos website shows this Montercristo No.2)

    When i write to Jean for return he is so arrogant and don’t want to return my money.

    This is my first order but i would never buy again from this cheater.

  10. I have been ordering cigars from for many years and the quality and service is second to none. Whenever I have had a problem they have resolved without issue or question. Had a delivery issue with my latest batch and when I submitted a customer support request it was answered and resolved within 24 hours (thank you Adrian). Their seconds (25 for $169) are a great way to experience new cigars (if you can’t afford a box of Bolivar RC’s) – you always get a great selection. And this is a real review by a real customer.

  11. I’ve been ordering from for around 12 years. During that time the quality and service has been outstanding. Any problems with delivery they have sorted super quick. Big thanks to Adrian for sorting my last order. I wouldn’t order from anywhere else. Try one of their seconds samplers, 25 for £169, great way to try lots of different cigars at a great price. As an Fyi, My favourite smoke, Bolivar RC’s.

  12. DO NOT waste your money on this site, they are selling FAKE HABANOS.

    I ordered Sir Winston, Wide Churchill on this site but the code suggested are Montecristo No.2 & JOSE L. PIEDRA CAZADORES, such a shame to them.

    When it comes to tastint i has nothing but cheap dominican taste, i wrote to Jean about this but he neither accpet return nor did he willing to solve this question for me. He just insisted all cigars were from Intertabak, which is the official Habanos importer of Swizterland, but i didn’t give a shit for what Jean talked, he is a liar to me.

  13. I have bought about 6 or 7 boxes from them. Always got genuine cigars (or if they were copies, then they were very good copies indeed). Yes the bar codes were cut and that looked odd to me first, but there must be another reason than just the counterfeit thing. The taste and construction were authentically Cuban, at least for those I have bought.

    The price is not the cheapest on the internet though, but they sometimes do promotions.

  14. I have read a number of negative posts here regarding COC that in my opinion are absolutely ludicrous.
    I have purchased cigars for a number of years through COC and I can attest to the fact that their products are 100% genuine.

    First of all their customer servIce is top notch. I have even emailed them for requests for products that were noted as out of stock on their site and they been able to include them from their brick and mortar inventory. They are also very prompt as to answering questions concerning their products. I have never had to wait more than a week for delivery in fact the average wait time has been about 5 days to ship from Switzerland to the East coast of the US.

    Let’s talk about quality. With the exception of 3 packs, they do crack the seals on their SLBs and Flats. This is not that unusual in that quite a few legitimate companies do this for Q&A purposes. What is important is that the stamps, bar codes and holographic images correspond and are congruent with the products they have sold me. They also take the extra step of vacume sealing their products to insure freshness. I have also never had one cigar from COC that was damaged or dried out.

    Let’s talk about counterfeiting. Let’s say some one decided to switch out a box of Cohiba with a Quintero or some other lower end brand, the difference would be obvious to anyone who has had experience with Habanos. What about switching out a Cuban with a Dominican or Nicaraguan? There is no way to duplicate the Cuban flavor do to the clumate, soil and environmental factors. Habanos have a unique flavor all their own which is impossible to duplicate. If COC is selling fake Cuban cigars, they have gone to an amazing amount of effort to do so that in the end would not be profitable or cost effective unless they were possibly being sponsored by the CIA or FSB!

    The bottom line is that through personal experience I agree with the author’s assessment regarding Cigars of Cuba. They are an excellent company, have legitimate products and terrific customer service.

  15. I bought a box of 10 Montecristo number 2s absolutely NO taste, DRIED OUT, COMPLETE RIP-OFF. I contact COC they suggested I by more.


    • With more contact with Adrian from COC they graciously were willing to work with me. They offered me a discount on my next purchase and stated they couldn’t replace my smokes because I didn’t contact them in a month with in getting them. I contacted them about 4 months after buying the cigars. Even though they sent me a few cigars in good faith and to show me their product is of high quality.
      Thank you COC

      • Hi, could U tell me its normal that nobody answer to email ?? I bought the cigars two days ago, and nobody answer ? What U think i lost money ???

  16. It seems to me that more than just a little paranoia is running amok in the Cuban cigar business? I am fairly new to Cubans but a cigar smoker since 1990 who did not realize Cubans for personal consumption was now legal in the USA. Over the past year I have purchased more than 50 boxes including one today from both COC and HIT, but my first real recognition of Cubans came from a pack of JLPs. If you at first do not recognize what a basic Cuban flavor is, you should not comment.

  17. COC is another vendor who I received a 2md order from just last week. Of the several boxes I ordered, only one, Monte Especial 2 was worthy of forgery but the ones from COC look damn good to me? I have not smoked any as it is an 18 box currently resting but they sure smell Monte.

  18. Is COC the retail arm of La-Cava?

  19. anyone who is claiming here that this store is legit is working for this site/store. Simply taking the address of this “legit” store and googling in google maps (COC Club, NOMINIS SA, rue Caroline 29, 1227 Acacias, Geneva, CHE-390.270.555 Tel : +41 22 776 6270 address from the site) and then looking at the street shows nothing even close to the store or warehouse or anything else but regular apartment building with none name shop on the first floor THIS SITE IS SELLING FAKE CIGARS.

    • Hi James,

      We no longer have a brick and mortar store and are fully online. Despite this, I do not think it is a fair reason to say we sell fakes.

      We do not even have your name in our system, have you even ordered anything from us? Perhaps you are just another scummy competitor trying to spread FUD about our website and our products. It becomein pathetic, please stop.

      Good day to you.

  20. I have purchased from Cigars of Cuba for the past 3 years. The code on the boxes match with the Habanos website. The Cigars are the real deal. The taste is spot on for Cohibas. Great distributor to order from.

  21. Ive purchased for years and a fair amount of different manufacturers of fine cuban cigars, all were great and authentic. Great service and good to deal with.’Bob

  22. Bought 4 boxes of cigars Cubans from Cigars of Cuba
    All boxes the seals were slit open and barcodes were torn off, a clear indication that these are fake, smoked one to confirm my suspicions and Yes FAKE,
    Cigar Analysis should be ashamed

    • Hi Andrew, sorry if your not happy with your boxes.

      It is clearly stated in our terms and condition that boxes have been unsealed and inspected, along with an opt in checkbox required to checkout.

      Before claiming our products are fake, smoke them, read and educate yourself, ask us questions. There is a good reason why we inspect our boxes, maybe if you took some time to ask, you could learn something about Cuban cigar production, quality control, and sourcing.

      If your not happy with your order, simple return them for a full refund. The same goes for all our club members.

      CoC Team

      • CoC I had no idea the competition was so vicious. I hope your not playing that game you guys are legit and are appreciated. Most people don’t know what there talking about when talking Cuban cigars. It’s like any other product there are the high end and the low end cigars as far as quality of roll and looks. But anyone who has smoked a Cuban knows a Cuban. Most people buy low end and yes they may not be as pretty or burn as evenly as high end but the taste/smell is unmistakable. Cuba is suffering for good rollers right now and the best rollers are not rolling the cheaper smokes the newbies are.

        • Hi Drake,

          Thank you for your message and thank you for your post.

          Sadly there are a lot of people spreading fud and criticizing our products with very little knowledge of what they are talking about.

          You are right about Cuban production and the quality issues, sadly many are not aware and we take the brunt of their frustrations and on some occasions falsely placed accusations.

          Thank you again for your support.

          COC TEAM

  23. I made an order for a box of Montecristo No. 2 .
    But I received no box, is it normal?

    • Hi Paul,

      Due to FedEx shipping restrictions to KSA, all packages are limited to 24 sticks this is why we sent you just cigars and not the box, you were essentially ordering 24 singles and not a box of 25, sadly there are no boxes of 24 in the Montecristo line up. I hope it makes sense now.

      Do address all your questions and concerns directly to us, we will be happy to help.

      COC Team

  24. COC is a reputable retailer.

    There seems to be a lot of paranoia, and lack of knowledge about cigars. As an enthusiast of 20 years Cuban cigars are familiar, and it is obvious that COC sell a legitmate product. I have purchased many times from COC and the cigars have been exceptional, especially the latest purchase of Dumas Linea. Thank COC.

    “You don’t earn loyalty in a day. You earn loyalty day-by-day” Jeffrey Gitomer

    Keep doing what you do!

  25. I have not purchased from COC before, but I would be willing to take a chance as they have the balls to come on here and face the heat and to me that shows a standup representative. Also, how often do these sellers get screwed themselves by a distributor?

    • Unfortunately, there are a lot of cigars being produced in Costa Rica by scrupulous online retailers mentioned by cigar analysis.

      Some comments about bands being lost (naturally will be depending on shipping times), boxes being opened (every reputable retailer will check quality from thei regional distributor prior to shipping and this is for the benefit of the buyer and vendor)

      Trust a retailer that follows the correct distribution channels and listens to their Customer’s.

      There are many other industry and global factors such as supply and demand which is not the fault of the retailer but the manufacturer (Cuba).

  26. I live in Japan and have been using this shop for over 4 years.
    No obvious fake has arrived.

    Recently I bought D No.4.
    I rested cigars in my humidor for 4 months.
    And I smoked, but this cigar is definitely real.

    If this is a fake,
    The company that made this cigar will be very popular all over the world by selling the original cigars.

    Barcodes are often barred when purchased outside of LCDH.
    So are all the fake ones except those bought at LCDH?
    Of course the answer is “NO”.
    The lack of a bar code does not prove that the cigar is fake.

    Is the cigar you received put in a humidor and is it properly humidified?
    Did you compare with the cigars you bought at LCDH?
    Do you really know the taste of Havanos?

    Since even the official stores in Cuba have counterfeit products,
    Fake was mixed! I understand if you say
    But people’s words that everything is fake are definitely wrong.

  27. Verified purchase: Order No. JTZOKK8ZUL6J

    I have to say, I’m very impressed with the service that COC has provided. I initially messaged them to see if they were able to ship Cubans to the US, and they said that they would and guaranteed that they’d deliver. I placed my order on the July 1st and received them yesterday, the 13th. I ordered several cigars (Cohiba Robusto Tubos & Siglo I Tubos) to test out how long they would take to arrive as well as inspect their authenticity and they’re legit. The packaging is exactly the way it’s suppose to be, including the labels, stamps, and seals. The bands are tightly wrapped with the properly printed textures and holograms, and the smell of them is exactly the way they should as I remember from my previous experiences. Now the next step is how they taste, in which I have no doubt I’ll be disappointed.

    If you’re skeptical about buying online, it never hurts to try to message the company and put a little bit of money into an order to see what you’re getting. Like gambling, never spend more than you’re willing to lose. In this case, everything came out to be a win. So again, very happy with COC and the service they provide and highly recommend them.

  28. Pleasant experience with recent purchase. Order No. LX223394916CH. All pre-purchase communication (which there was multiple) with Adrian by email. His replies were timely and substantial in length to provide a comprehensive answer. Submitted order around Father’s Day. Shipped in a few days and arrived in a couple weeks. Tracking via SwissPost. Thinking updates were a couple days behind compared to actual location of package once it left the country. Individual cigars were vacuum sealed. Boxes and individual cigars vacuum sealed together. Boxes and cigars packaged well for transport.

  29. My order no. NCYLXOHW6JWN

    I don’t know why there are so many negative review on Cigars of Cuba, but my recent purchase is definitely pleased.
    Placed my first order on 18 August 2020, they shipped my order on 20 August 2020. The order arrived 3 September 2020. Only 15 days of total delivery time to Asia.
    Would order on Cigars of Cuba again.

  30. Daniel Cecchini

    This website is also operated by an online dealer so they discredit their competitors (seems to be Cigarone)

  31. I recently purchased a box (25) and 8 single sticks from C.O.C i’m in Kyiv Ukraine and was curious if anyone
    knew how coc will ship them? will i get the box? ive read that sometimes you just get the cigars vacuum sealed? Any info regarding this?> Thanks A.V

    • We received 10 individual sticks from CoC and they were vacuum sealed together. I’m not in Ukraine so don’t know what postal regulations are there. Hope to visit someday.

  32. I am also very pleased by the quality of the products and customer service we’ve received from CoC. After a bad experience with Swiss Cuban we’ve now placed 3 orders with CoC. All have been received in a timely manner and packaged well. Yes, they open boxes to inspect what’s inside but they state that on their website. If you want them sealed you can request it when ordering. They are comparable to the sticks we purchased in Havana. I highly recommend Cigars of Cuba.

  33. Excellent service to Korea! Cigars arrived promptly vacuum sealed and in good condition. Box of short de punch were unopened. Awesome prices and free shipping can’t be beat and I will be ordering again very soon! Glad to finally be getting into habanos and have a solid hook-up!



  35. I have bought a box (25) Hoyo de Monterrey epicure #2 from Cigars of Cuba. Box arrived with seals cut. I smoked a coupe of cigars, and they are NOT real. FAKE cigars. I just sent an email requesting refund and ask them to give me options. I have been buying from them before and never had this problem.

    • Do you have some sort of mental disorder? First off, who would fake epi 2s? As for the serials, they are removed by the distributor as they are a grey market vendor. They dont want Habanos to identify them selling out of their specified area.

      • David Costello

        C.o.c is amzing I have ordered 14 times. To the the U.S. I have never had a problem with them . The cigars are exellcent most difinetly real. They ship fast and always get my smokes in 8 or 9 days. There the cheapest prices around. You can beat them.

  36. COC is legit. I have bought and smoked Cuban cigars form all over the world…including Cuba. I also cut open a few cigars with my Cuban friend who now lives in CT. He worked at Partagas rolling cigars for 35 years before moving to the US and becoming a citizen. All real he says. I trust that.

  37. Legit Cubans,

    First order made me a little skeptical, but once properly aged in my humidor, they are absolutely Cubans. First order had been opened up, but the second order of 2 more boxes came completely sealed. The only complaint is the label they put over the barcode to keep you from checking origin. But you can see there was a barcode underneath.

    On my next order, I will ask them to not do that. I want to keep ordering confidently and continue to get these great cigars.

  38. The worst customer service ever. I would 100% not recommend this retailer as they are massively overpriced and the customer service is absolutely pathetic and simply a bunch of uneducated under qualified staffs.

  39. ‘I am a little suspicious of some of these reviews, I have purchased over the years from COC and all seemed perfect.
    I am fully aware of the tactics of manufacturing and faking Cuban Cigars.
    .I have never received anything but real cigars from COC. Why would someone go out of there way to publish a disparaging comments about COC’s cigar quality. I am still surprised to hear so much disparaging remarks.

    THEN, I noticed these two published remarks, one in 2017 and the other in 2020. These two make me feel that some person has it in for COC for some reason. The difference is one purchased 2 boxes and the other bought 4 boxes.
    You read them printed below and make up your own mind.

    And they both blame and shame “‘CIGAR ANALYSIS “.

    02/05/2017 at 4:09 AM
    Bought Cubans from Cigars of Cuban , 2 boxes .
    Both Boxes Seals were slit open and barcodes were torn off, a clear indication that these are fake, smoked one to confirm my suspicions and Yes FAKE ,
    Cigar Analysis should be ashamed’’’’

    ‘’’’’Andrew D.
    18/04/2020 at 3:53 PM
    Bought 4 boxes of cigars Cubans from Cigars of Cuba
    All boxes the seals were slit open and barcodes were torn off, a clear indication that these are fake, smoked one to confirm my suspicions and Yes FAKE,
    Cigar Analysis should be ashamed’’’’’’

  40. Ronald J Hebert


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