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There are hundreds of companies selling Cuban and non-Cuban cigars worldwide. This article is about online cigar shops. Our mission is directing cigar culture through the correct way and deciding authentic products to be purchased.

NOTE: Conclusions and comments are derived from individual experiences by purchased products and companies.

As we were listing these companies we stated some important criteria and tried to list companies fulfilling these criteria.

Our Criteria’s;
* Authentic Habanos product must be available only. (Must have)
* Must be a legal company (If a company is not an official one, doubt product authenticity and trust to company)
* Providing real address and contact information (many companies are using fake address and standart TOLL FREE numbers. These will not be listed)
* Verified by Habanos S.A. or official distributor in the country.(Unverified companies by Habanos S.A. or regional distributors should be questioned.)
* Selling tax paid product.(Taxes are income for all countries. Selling tax-free products as duty-free can be considered but currently I don’t think it’s right to publish at blog.)
* Customer pleasure (Fast reply, finding a quick solution to all problems occurred is extremely important.)

These are the qualified companies fulfilling our criteria’s. (It is not possible to list all but we tried to list most popular ones.)

Let’s see the companies;
LCDH Knokke is one of official sales offices of Habanos S.A which is owned by Mrs. Dominique Gyselinck. She is really one of the leading ladies in cigar knowledge.
More info about La Casa Del Habano Knokke…⇒
HitCigars which was founded in 2010 as well as a legal company. This company where its head office located in Montenegro, ship products from their store (warehouse) in Switzerland.
More info about HitCigars…⇒
The Montefortuna Cigars history has its epicenter in Havana, Geneva and Madrid. Our history within the Cuban Cigar world started in 1985 when one of the most important cigar stores in Geneva was founded.
More info about Montefortuna Cigars…⇒
CigarWorld is one of the official sales offices of Habanos S.A. and they are one of the biggest online and local companies in Europe…
More info about CigarWorld…⇒
CigarOne has one of the largest product range in Europe but they are selling Habanos products only. You can find all Cuban products online here.
More info about CigarOne…⇒
TopCubans is one of the biggest online stores of Switzerland. You can find all Habanos products and shop with 100% confidence.
More info about TopCubans…⇒
Cigars of Cuba is one of the oldest websites and they are selling 100% authentic cigars with wonderful condition. You can place order with confidence. As is it written on their website .
More info about Cigars of Cuba…⇒
TheCigar which is known as LeCigare too, is well known in Switzerland domestic market and sells really high quality products.
More info about TheCigar…⇒
VipCigars is located in Basel, Switzerland and shipments were made from here as well. Product range is really wide and you can find everything you look for.
More info about VipCigars…⇒

UPDATED: 09.02.2020

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  1. hi guys
    has anyone ordered from ? it seems like a fake site and i am not sure to trust it.

    • I have, Montefortuna is legit.

    • Excelent place! 100% natural cuban cigars, i always buy there! have no doubt

    • They are 100% legit, I’m sure you would have made your order by now judging by the date you made your post. Just something new to add to the comments and that is since the UK left the EU I have found their prices not as competitive with the local market as before, on my last two orders on average I got hit with £100 custom duty!

    • Montefortuna is legal I purchase from them for over than 3 years, I checked the authenticity via box codes and it is legal 100%

    • Amir Fouladgar


    • David A. Vivas

      Man this didn’t age well at all. Turned out to sell fakes


    Habanos has announced its annual price increase.
    As a result, we will be increasing our prices on all Cuban cigars.
    These price changes will be reflected by the end of May 2021.
    Mail Cuban

  3. hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone has order can cigars from

    • David F. Pierre, Jr.

      Yes, I’ve used them a number of times. They are definitely legit.

    • Cigar One is one of the best along with LaCasa Del Tobacco. Although sometimes limited in selection they are trusted. Swiss Cubans is definitely totally untrustworthy. Been there done that. Anytime you see your favorite smokes at half price is a dead giveaway. Trust yourself.

  4. Has anyone heard of and used Swiss Cuban Cigars company? Are they fake?

  5. Is Friends of Habanos out of Australia a legit online resource for Cuban cigars?

    • Christopher Johnson

      Yes. I have been a customer of FOH for years. They are wonderful people and are well connected to Habanos, S.A. as an official cigar merchant.

    • Yes, they are legit…FOH.
      They are having a problem with shipping from Australia, but that is just a temporary issue because of Covid.

    • Rob is Legit

  6. Has anyone ordered from or can tell me if they are fake or not.

    • Brian, is very suspicious. Bolivar Royal Coronas for $950 and Cohiba BHK 54 for $950 and all 3 sizes of BHK are all in stock.

  7. Christopher Johnson

    Another good company is Cigar Terminal out of Switzerland. I have ordered from them several times and they have always been tops. Great prices, along with shrink wrapping with Boveda and they are authentic. I just got three boxes of Romeo y Julietas and their last box of Hoyo de Monterrey Escogidos. They were sealed and the bar codes checked out with the online Habanos S.A. authenticator.

  8. damm wish I did a little digging on Swiss cuban cigar just got robbed Montecristo Edmundo aren’t even the right color and the silo v1 burn white ash even thought all the labels are authentic there just fake fu– don’t buy from them

  9. Watch out for Cubanlous Cuban Lou’s in Switzerland. I got a 5-pack of Cohiba Siglo III in June 2021. The box arrived and the 5-pack box had no “Habanos” corner sticker on the top right and there was no white sticker on the back showing date code and factory code. Every cigar was plugged solid, no draw what so ever. They claim it was just a bad box, but it was obviously fake, but they don’t admit it. I am a very experience Cuban smoker. Back in the early 2000’s Habanos was having production problems due to high demand. Many hard draw and plugged cigars in 2002-2003 box dates. They mostly fixed the issues. So 5 out of 5 Cohibas with bad and plugged draw? Not likely, these days.

  10. CigarOne, TopCubans, Cigars of Cuba, all good.

  11. I was told by the nice people at The Cigar or LeCigare that they do not ship to the US. This was as of July 2021. Anyone else been told this? They have a nice selection of cigars, so it is a shame they won’t ship to the US.

  12. Cigarone is a disaster. They were good at one time but they now sell cigars that appear to be fake and don’t respond when you complain. I’d avoid them like the plague. If you have $250 to spend, buy 5 White Owls and put $245 in your pocket. Bruce S

  13. Mohammed Salma


    Does anyone know if is legit?

    Please advise

  14. Hey guys is legit? I found a box of Cubans but they’re sold out everywhere but there.

    • Hi Hanes, Yes, I have bought from them before but they only accept crypto which I bought from with my card. The box was legit and checked on Habanos verification. Was informed also that will have cards and other payments very soon available.

    • Mail Cuban cigars is duty free cuban cigars re-badged as a new site. The guy “Daniel” that promotes them is really Damian Bancroft, who just happens to be the man behind this site. MCC is a cigar broker, and do not actually have most of the cigars listed on their site in hand. If you order this box of unicorn cigars advertised on their page, God knows how long you’ll be waiting for it. If they can’t even accept credit cards, what does that tell you?! Too many chargebacks from frustrated customers! Avoid like the plague!

      • Hello, That Guy? I am Daniel who is a sales rep. and marketing for Mail Cuban Cigars In Bern and Geneva Switzerland. We will soon accept cards using a name not mentioning Cuban Cigars as so many other online vendors do for their US clients and with Visa and Mastercard US cardsholders. We have never been associated with DFCC or this Damian. We did find out that the web designer who was contracted to build our website took a shortcut and copied info from the DFCC. Yes, we are drop shippers and openly advertise this on our website just like anyone having a Shopify site or even like Amazon who promotes products for other companies and will drop ship from a different address. We are also a broker if you wish to negotiate rare products and don’t wish to openly advertise and want to be anonymous until the transaction is agreed upon. Now based in Geneva, Switzerland we have sourced proven authorized Habanos SA distributors for their region including the most renowned from Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Malta & Canary Islands. We choose these countries for the bonded tax-free zone for import and exports, thus saving not having to add an import tax and passing this cost to the customer. These verified wholesale sources also have websites online and we do get a discount brokering their harder to sell hard to find inventory.

      • I disagree, I have purchased from them over US$5,000 using my Bitcoin and they always deliver within a month or less. I receive multiple packages from addresses in Switzerland, Spain, and Belgium. I did see a negative review on Mail Cuban Cigars and believe it’s an opportunist who is getting free boxes of Cuban’s from other popular online vendors.

      • Mail Cuban Cigars has Authentic Cuban Cigars. We are an authorized online Habanos SA shipper from Geneva, Switzerland. Our specialty lies in authentic Cuban cigars from Havana, Cuba including Aged, Rare, Collectible, La Casa del Habano (LCDH), Regional Editions, and Limited Edition Cuban brands.

  15. I am interested in ordering from mailcubancigars. Nice rare boxes. Has anyone else been successful ? Thanks, Steve.

  16. I have ordered from a couple of times and recently took in the new Hupmann connoisseur No 2 the box was a device I think they need more publicity they doing some awesome work out here.

  17. I just checked this website out the inventory and it’s very extensive with much rare and stock that is not currently available from many other legit vendors online. Like Behikes 52 and 54 are in stock. I have suspicions that this is another latest website launch from the same persons that started and and there are many red flags.

    • Estoy totalmente en desacuerdo hace unos días pedí los RA Extra LE 2011 y, según mi experiencia, algunos de los puros de mejor valor disponibles. Si puede conseguirlos, pruebe uno. Mezcla clásica de RA en el 2º 3º. mucho cacao y chocolate con leche, que se convierte en un rico final de espresso. Te recomiendo que pruebes antes de condenar.

  18. What about an article with Cigar Lounge?

    • Cigar Emporium always amazing customer service. Martina is no doubt the best. Regarding shipments, i have sincerely nothing to complain about. Ill recommend you try them out.

  19. Mail Cuban Cigars is legit. I just received my order after 3 weeks.

    • I checked there website and they have H UPMAN WINSTON CHURCHILL CIGARS at $600 a box of 25.
      That is the lowest price I have ever seen. I would be careful, especially that the only accept Bitcoin payments.

  20. Cigar Emporium is legit, have purchased 4 times already. All boxes check out correctly with Boveda packs and it took about 1 week for them to arrive the US.

  21. Honestly speaking i do think are doing a great job. Not once have i been disappointed and its been only 4 months since i made known of them.


    It looks to be a honest Cigar website store….I had a question about their shipping. So, I emailed them three times..’
    When I received no reply, I called them on their Canadian toll free telephone number provided… Again telephone number is Not working…
    I must assume until I hear otherwise that there is no one home. So, I can’t do business with them. If anything changes, I will give a update

  23. As astonishing it may be, they do have the boxes they showcase on their website. I recently visited their store in Salou what an amazing display of boxes. What made the process easier is they do accept cryptocurrencies. I vividly recommend.

  24. Has anyone had experience with the Cuban Cigar MegaStore? Are they legitimate? I placed some orders but can’t get any response on email from them.

    • Hey there, how was your order after all? Did it came? I’m thinking about place an order with them as well so please share your experience, thank you very much!

  25. Does anyone have any experience purchasing Cuban cigars from this site in Spain? I’d love to know if it’s legitimate and I can’t seem to find any information about it anywhere online. Some comments posted on this site say it’s a legit site, while other comments say it looks suspicious. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  26. What the Cuban cigar megastore??Legit ?

  27. You guys definitely need to check out They have some boxes you will not find in many of the other popular shops. A small shop located in Madrid, Spain with a vast selection of cigars. I think i got the last box of BHK 54 they had available. God knows those are scarce to come by now.

    • Claudia Cadel

      I totally agree with you Jonathan. Their greatest problem which i believe they need to work on is the delivery time. I had to wait for an extra 4 days after the said waiting time before my cigars arrived.

  28. Claudia Cadel

    I totally agree with you Jonathan. Their greatest problem which i believe they need to work on is the delivery time. I had to wait for an extra 4 days after the said waiting time before my cigars arrived.

  29. What ever happened to Duty Free Cuban Cigars?

  30. Cigar Emperor

    Why haven’t this list been updated in almost 2 years?

  31. Another Scam

    Cohiba Maduros 5 for $350
    Guantanamera Minutos $140

    Address in California, USA…Hope they gte busted by ATFB

  32. Ronald J Hebert


    • Cuban Lous is Legit. I have been using them for a long time but like every legit shop, their inventory is low and the prices are rising.

  33. Vernon McMathers

    A friend shared a link to The Cigars House….are they legit?

  34. Ciggarosemporium is a scam they work with another company called Emissarios that is a scam shipping company.

  35. I just got scammed by them.
    Martina at stopped replying to me when I realized it was a scam. I should have known better to believe they had sigloVI for less than 600$ per box of 10.
    Beware of these people on this blog stating that are legitimate.
    They also have a Facebook page with all of their supposed products. Note that their page has no comments.
    I was asked to pay them via PayPal friends and family therefore there is no recourse.
    They’re in business with Emissarios. Com a scam shipping company..

  36. Correction the box of 10 I paid for was piramides extra for around 590$. Not only did I not receive the cigars, the scam shipper, “” wanted me to send them money to “un hold the Parcel ” which was supposedly stuck in Albany NY.” Insult to injury.
    I don’t know what Nguyen pan and Marshal N are talking about when they state that are legit.
    Beware of these bloggers.

  37. Domenico DeGennaro

    Does anyone do business with Mikes

  38. Is a legit store/website?

  39. Has anyone ordered from thecigarshouse(thehouseofhabanos)?? Is this a place that really sells cigars?? I’m worried because there aren’t many reviews.

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