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Company Name: VIP Club
(We don’t know offical company name)
Phone Number: +41 61 568 4006
Fax Number: +41 61 568 4006
Address: CH-4203, Basel – SWITZERLAND

General Information:
VipCigars is located in Basel, Switzerland and shipments were made from here as well. Product range is really wide and you can find everything you look for. They are selling 100% authentic products. It’s a company to take into consideration. Negative points are there is no official sales office and the apply 25$ shipment cost for each order. They declare low prices and adding up 25$ at last step which bring their prices to the same level with other companies.

Prices are reasonable and also if you can catch campaigns you might purchase authentic Habanos products for really low prices but don’t forget +25$ shipment cost for each order.

Customer Satisfaction: 7/10
Product Authenticity: 90%
Price: 8/10


We know that these two websites is the same and has same owner:

  • VipCigars
  • CigarOne
Owner:  Thierry Farah

Address: 3A Avenue de Chamonix Geneva, GE 1207 Switzerland
Owner: Thierry Farah

Address: 3A Avenue de Chamonix Geneva, GE 1207 Switzerland

***You can also check two websites and you will see that the same company. Genevabills SA – rue Caroline 29 – 1227 Les Acacias – Switzerland – CHE-445.268.825

This is footer of

This is footer of

I also think that the companies below have same owner;

  • Cigars of Cuba
  • CigarOne
  • TopCubans 
  • VipCigars
If you were to ask why?
  • This companies are using same images. It seems like they were taken by same photographer. If you look carefully you can easily notice it.
  • If you buy from these companies and when you check back side of the product you can see that barcode system to list the products are same.
  • Campaigns are made in particular intervals and if you are registered to newsletters of these websites you can see the campaigns following each other.

For all these reasons I think that these companies are belonging to same company or individual. This system is made to create different brands for each website. If a customer is unsatisfied with one website they will never buy from there again and other brands are created to hold this particular unsatisfied customer.

General Information: VipCigars is located in Basel, Switzerland and shipments were made from here as well. Product range is really wide and you can find everything you look for. They are selling 100% authentic products. It’s a company to take into consideration. Negative points are there is no official sales office and the apply 25$ shipment cost for each order. They declare low prices and adding up…

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Customer Satisfaction
Product Authenticity


User Rating: 3.18 ( 24 votes)
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  1. I dont know why but i do not really feel comfortable when i have to buy online. I feel like i have to touch cigars and see box as well as the place before i buy. Too bad they dont have any store where customers can buy from. It would be nice to have such store of them.

    • Hi Cesrin,

      thank you for your feedback. We are e-commerce based and do not have plans to grow into a physical shop. Feel free to ask me any question prior to order and I will make sure to answer promptly.



      • Kevin Ahronson

        I have repeatedly tried to contact you by email, but you have not responded to any of them.

        I have a box of 25 Epicure 2’s on order which you despatched 3 April and so far no sign. Will you reply to this?

      • I have a question about an order but no one has responded to my email yet. Are you able to help?

      • What is your opinion of Cigar Termininal as a legitimate Cuban retailer?
        Thanks Len Roth.

  2. Very good experience with this website i had despite a little delayed shipping. as far as i know how authentic cigars look like, cigars in my order were totally real. I will keep buying from them

  3. buonasera.
    e’ legale in italia comprare sigari on line ?

  4. They canceled my order without any apparent reason. They failed to credit my credit card. Poor customer service. Buyer beware.

  5. I have used this company for years and never had a problem I reccomendedc them to aq lot of people over a period of 6-7 years without a problem.

    UNTIL RECENTLY I reccomended them to my brother who has now taken up the noble art he ordered via the usual means only to be left a caling card by Customs to say he owes £180+ in customs duties more than the cigars cost.
    This had never happened to me When we eventually go through via several emails we were told it is to do with Brexit OK HOW COME “CUSTOMS WERE ARE BEING MORE DILLIGENT NOW WITH SHIPMENTS TO THE UK”.
    We did not sign for the cigars or pick them up we let them go back only to be told that they never arrived.
    After weeks of back and forth via emails we settled for a refund minus shipping and admin.

    • So let me get this right, your mad at them for the following:

      1…you failed to read the terms and conditions about additional taxes from your countries Customs(If your package is intercepted)

      after 6 years of problem-free service, you’re mad despite getting a refund? Lol!

      I’m sure they are happy that your not a customer anymore…

    • You dear “sir” are a TWAT !

  6. Hi. What’s going on with Custom if I buy from UK now? Thanks

  7. They have free shipping.

  8. I’ve ordered from several times over the last year – probably $4000 worth of cigars so far.

    Shipment has been prompt – I usually have tracking within a couple days and there’s movement immediately through the postal service, first in Switzerland and then a bit of a delay before I see them arrive in the US. (Pretty normal).

    It’s worth noting, perhaps, that they insist on opening and inspecting the box/cabinet before shipping – while I like unopened boxes for obvious reasons, it makes a lot of sense when ordering from overseas to the US so I can’t fault them wanting to do quality control (inspecting for mold and such) considering the risk both of dissatisfied customers and to their own inventory of undetected mold. The boxes/cabinets are almost always in perfect condition internally even after inspection, though occasionally the inspection does result in the arrangement not being quite perfectly “Presentation Ready”. It’s a small price to pay, for me, but if you’re looking for original seals all around, you’ll need to find a different seller. VIPCigars does *not* provide a “sealed box” option, even if you contact them directly.

    Each box when packed is vacuum-sealed. I *think* I’ve received them from VIP packed with humidifier packs but it’s not typical. (Some online sellers do this routinely, others don’t. My observation is that VIP usually does not.) The vacuum seal is solid though – so I have yet to receive cigars that were dried out or, conversely, overhumidified from humidity exposure during shipping. If I pack them into my humidor immediately, I notice little fluctuation from the hygrometer suggesting their process is sound.

    If you make a larger purchase, VIP will break that purchase up into multiple small shipping boxes and send them out on subsequent days. I suspect this is both to help the orders move smoothly through customs as well as to ensure a single lost or misdirected package doesn’t contain a thousand dollars worth of cigars.

    I want to add my personal recommendation as to authenticity: I *know* Habanos – I smoke a wide variety (Bolivar, Cohibas, Romeo y Julieta, H. Upmann, Partagas, etc.) and *most* of my regular smokes are Cuban origin these days. They make up most of my humidor – and I’m part of an informal club whose members are predominantly Habanos aficionados – so any variation from authentic Habanos would be noticed immediately. I feel certain that every cigar I’ve received from VIP has been authentic and they’re always in excellent condition. The boxes and cabinets are in excellent condition and the serials check out.

    • Hi Eddie, thanks for a very detailed review.

      Please could you tell me how you check the serial numbers out?

      Many Thanks Mark

  9. Kevin Ahronson

    I ordered a box of 25 Epicure 2’s on order which they supposedly despatched 3 April, nearly two months ago – and so far no sign.

    I have repeatedly tried to contact them by email, but they have not responded to any of them.

    Not impressed – feeling they are ignoring me and my money is lost

  10. Ordered on 2 May 2020 and did not received my goods as of now, 17 June 2020.
    Emailed them twice and opened 2 tickets on their site, not even a response from them.
    BEWARE of this site, extremely poor, non-existent customer service. If you wanna do business, do it with some heart dude.

  11. Ordered cigars from VIP Cigars in early July, got a tracking number after three days and followed the links to the UK Royal Mail online to see that my package was “leaving Switzerland”, and that status has not changed now in five weeks. No sign of my cigars, and no response from VIP Cigars despite several attempts to contact them by email. I appreciate that they can’t be blamed for postal delays particularly during a pandemic, but the complete lack of customer support is appalling, leaving me no choice but to go through the process of getting a chargeback from my credit card company. I see other people leaving reviews here have had good experiences in past years, but they now seem to operating a cowboy operation. Rotten way to do business. Be wary if you’re thinking of purchasing from this crowd.

  12. VIP Cigars is a scam site. Maybe once upon a time they were honest, but now they will take your money, send you a dodgy tracking number, will never respond to any follow-up enquiries, never answer the telephone number on their website, and you will not receive any cigars. I spent hundreds of Euro with them several months ago, never received any of of the merchandise, and I am still getting no response from them.

    Avoid this bunch of scumbags at all costs.

  13. Ordered several times, cigars and prices are relatively good, customer service very bad. Unanswered emails and phone messages, slow to ship.

  14. Joseph A. Golembiewski

    Ordered Monty No 2s. Shipping was fast and service was good and prices were competive. Cigars are great. I’ll order again.

  15. Terrible customer service. Don’t answer emails for weeks or months, even when you are ready to order. Don’t answer the phone either.

  16. Placed and order last night for EUR 192.00 they then tried to take a further £174 what is this all about?
    Tried to call them and email them but no answer.
    Is this really a Cigar company or is it a fraudulant scam site?

    • Joseph Golembiewski

      Richard-I’ve ordered from them multiple times and haven’t had a problem yet. The only time I can get them to answer a question is if I email them through the website, not a direct email. A ticket will be created in your account and you should get an answer in a few days.

  17. Joseph A. Golembiewski

    I purchased 2 boxes of the same cigar about 3 months apart. The date code on the first box was one month older than the other but the boxes were packaged in different factories. The bands on the first box are about 1/4″ closer to the top of the cigar than the other box. Also the the cigars from the first box had a much stiffer draw than the second box. Seems strange to me the cigars from one box aren’t the same as the others. Any thoughts?

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