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Company Name: Geneva Luxury Accessories
(We don’t know official company name)
Phone Number: +41 22 786 1160
Fax Number: +41 22 786 1158 (They have deleted their fax number soon)
Address: CP 377 CH-1203, Geneva – SWITZERLAND

General Information:
TopCubans is one of the biggest online stores of Switzerland. You can find all Habanos products and shop with 100% confidence. David and Richard will be assisting you. Supplied by official importer of Habanos. There is no official sales office of this company which can be discussed as the only negative point. Serving in multiple languages and products were sent from Switzerland.

Prices are really reasonable. Also decreasing a lot in certain campaign days.

Customer Satisfaction: 7/10
Product Authenticity: 90%
Price: 9/10

***You can also check two websites and you will see that the same company. NOMINIS SA, rue Caroline 29, 1227 Acacias, Geneva, CHE-390.270.555

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I also think companies below has same owner;

  • TopCubans 
  • CigarOne
  • Cigars of Cuba 
  • VipCigars
If you were to ask why?
  • This companies are using same images. It seems like they were taken by same photographer. If you look carefully you can easily notice it.
  • If you buy from these companies and when you check back side of the product you can see that barcode system to list the products are same.
  • Campaigns are made in particular intervals and if you are registered to newsletters of these websites you can see the campaigns following each other.

For all these reasons I think that these companies are belonging to same company or individual. This system is made to create different brands for each website. If a customer is unsatisfied with one website they will never buy from there again and other brands are created to hold this particular unsatisfied customer.

General Information: TopCubans is one of the biggest online stores of Switzerland. You can find all Habanos products and shop with 100% confidence. David and Richard will be assisting you. Supplied by official importer of Habanos. There is no official sales office of this company which can be discussed as the only negative point. Serving in multiple…

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  1. Personally I do not mind whether they are using same images or not. The thing is the most important for me that whether they sell authentic cigars or not and so far never came across a fake cigar!

  2. Hello all,

    so happy that as of today I have received my order it was totally faster than I expected. all box is in good condition no any damage also cigars are 100% authentic thank you topcubans my fav!

    • Hi,

      I recently order a box of 3 cohiba’s and 3 monte Cristo’s. The problem was the seals were broken even though the shipping box was perfectly sealed. Is this customary? I am not sure why they would sell cubans’ with broken seals? Any thoughts anyone? I would appreciate it. Thanks! David

  3. I have purchased from them many times shipped very fast and so well packaged great shop!

    • I do agree with your prediction that those websites has the same owner because i have noticed that their images at many websites are totally same as well. Why people attempt to do it i don’t understand i mean as long as you are meeting customer’s demands i dont think there would be a need to do it. I have never purchased from them though becauseim not paying like small amount and i dont have money to waste anyway hope everbody remains awake and my kind suggestion is do a overall search before buying cigars online!

      Thank you CigarAnalysis for bringing this to light

  4. I have placed many orders so far and never had even minor problem. prices can be little bit expensive but exactly u get what u pay for

  5. Keith Gaylord

    I have used Top Cubans many times in the past and always got my cigars extremely quick. That has changed. It has been 10 days this time and no cigars. My Christmas ruined because of this. I paid $36 for shipping and then poor service. I will NEVER buy from them again. Also, they charge way too much for their cigars.

  6. 100 percent disgusted with this company so far. I ordered the Cuban Robusto Sampler pack, which clearly shows six different Cuban cigars with the proper rings. What they insulted me with was a box of 6 Honduran cigars with no rings at all! This is absolutely unacceptable!

  7. I have been smoking Cubans for 20 years.. They sold me fakes..

    • Dear Drayton,

      Please share the ORDER NUMBER with us. Thereby you can get a better answer since it shows you are real customer. Otherwise your comment might be construed part of propaganda.
      (This is a standard warning for all readers who wants to write own experience)

    • I was in Cuba early this year. I bought cigars from a Casa Del Habanos store in Havana. I smoked a few and ordered more from this dealer. They smoked and tasted the same. No doubt they were authentic to me.

    • I’ve been buying from TOP CUBANS for years and have never rec’d fake cigars. Are you sure!!!! Send me a note…….

  8. legit website. Great sticks. Got them in 2 business days to the UK. Great response time from David as well


    I made an order about a month ago and received my order fairly fast. The boxing was great, and Top Cubans def took measures to ensure that my shipment was safe and secure.. Now, the only complaint to far is that upon my order the Box of 10 Montecristo petit #2’s that i ordered were pre opened. All the Cigars look and smell fine “I have yet to smoke one’, but i did find it odd that the box was pre opened. Not just the MonteCristo’s, but i also ordered a box of 5 Cohiba Ciglo I that were also opened.. I have never purchased Cuban cigars so i’m not sure if this is typical or not. It’s not really a complaint, but it does make me wonder a little sense i have never done this before. However, i am glad to actually receive my order, and if they smoke as good as i hope i’m sure i will order more.

    • Many cigar dealers open the box to make sure everything is in order, that the wrappers are in good condition, etc.

  10. I was told point blank that there would be no mention of cigars on the package. My order was held up, and the words “cigar samples” was clearly printed on the front of the package above the signature of the person who assured me it wouldn’t. I took a photo and sent it through to the same person and had no response. I accept that some sites say they need to describe the goods as cigars, but this was a blatant lie to entice a sale.

    • I have used them since around 2003, never had issues at all with their service, out of hundreds of cigars received all are 100% genuine. They have to put ‘cigars’ on the customs label, if they don’t your domestic customs are very likely to not even offer you the option to pay the duty on them if they are stopped, your cigars will simply be destroyed, and misdeclaring the goods has the potential to cause a lot of trouble for the store doing so. ‘Cigar sample’ is the best thing they can put on the label without being untruthful about the contents of the package. Packages in general are being stopped much more frequently these days, it is a fact of life in the times were are living in, what with concerns about terrorism etc. I have also used CigarOne and VIPcigars, I don’t think they are the same company; the names of those signing the customs declaration are different, they have different products in stock etc etc. Their promotions often being similar is likely due to the fact that they are in competition with each other.

  11. My only concern was the boxes were open but all looked legit. I haven’t smoked them cause I age any Cubans I get for at least 6 months

  12. I have been a customer of Top Cubans for years. Because they come to me in the U.S. they are delivered not in boxes and without bands. They are also marked as tobacco products. As tobacco products they get spot inspected once they get stateside. Not always but sometimes. In fact this has only happened to me twice in the last ten years. This rerouting adds about two to three weeks to the delivery time. I did take a chance once and ordered them in the box with bands, and they did make it through however they were opened. This is because Cubans going through Swiss sources must be frozen for three days to insure that no tobacco beetles are accidently imported, Top Cubans then moves them to a humidor where they are individually housed. When they are ordered they are removed from their lot space and placed in the proper boxes. They are defiantly legit Cubans the wrappers and caps are exactly correct not to mention the taste is spot on. I have taken them to five different dealers in my area and have always had them judged actual Cuban cigars, not to mention many of the friends I share them with have been smoking Cuban cigars for years. Personally, I first started smoking them 28 years ago and have been smoking only Cubans ever since. I do not understand comments saying they had trouble with customer service, because David has been nothing but helpful and courteous to me in the very few times I have needed help. It should be noted that David only answers his email on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but a little bit of understanding goes a long ways when you are dealing with something you shouldn’t have in your possession anyway.

  13. I placed my order on 3 Oct 2018 and got my packages today on 15 Oct 2018. I am impressed by the delivery time for my cigars from Swiss to Hong Kong.

    When I open the parcel, all the cigars were vacuum sealed and they were all in good condition, impressed!

    I order 14 single sticks in different brand, just wanna try more flavour from different brand. This order was under “NC-4558-FVYL”.
    And I also order two sample set from “Aperitif Collection” and “Corona Gorda”, they were all came along with humidor. This order was under “NC-1611-VSJM”.

    After all, I think TopCuban provides good cigars by the way how their pack my cigars and they were all authentic. My order cost me USD$500.

  14. I’ve been a customer of TopCubans for over a year now.To me this site is totally trustworthy.
    Always fast delivery and in great condition.
    Regarding authenticity I have purchased cigars from Cgars in Liverpool and they match any that I have purchased from TopCubans.Partagas,Hoyo De Monterrey,El Rey Del Mundo.You name it I’ve tried it from both aforementioned sites and there is no difference.Cgars is the leading cigar vendor in the UK.
    Don’t expect an instant reply to your emails,however,you will get a reply.
    Try them out,they’re good.

  15. My most recent order has been sitting in New York at JFK airport for 8 days. Also, notice that when your tracking number has a “CH” on it, it is coming not from the Swiss, but the Chinese. The Chinese are FAMOUS for fake products. Fake or not, it took way too long to get my last order, and I have no received my most recent order which was made on November 26. It is now December 8 and they are still the sane spot they were 8 days ago according to tracking. I will not order from this company again. I would rather pay less, for other cigars I actually GET than cigars allegedly from Cuba that I never get.

    • Pete Anderson

      CH= Confederation Helvetica which is the traditional name for Switzerland. It is not China. I recently placed an order with these folks and will review when I receive. Thanks.

  16. This place has the worst customer service ever. They never reply and products either get super late to you or never come. I will never use these people again. I am currently waiting for my credit card company to reverse the charge so that I can get my money back.

    • Reichardt Grosser

      I have ordered cigars from topcubans for 20 years. A predictable experience every time. I questioned why the seals were broken. The explanation was each box is opened to verify authenticity, each cigar weighed and examined. I have smoked cuban cigars in many countries and the experience I receive from top cubans is very convincing. I want to believe they are a reliable source, I have not found a reason to believe otherwise. I will order another box of RJ petite churchills soon

  17. abdullah aldarwish

    I’ve ordered twice and so far all is good. Only downside is the Cohiba selection is not as big as I would like, but they promised to increase the range in the future. Good site & good experience.

  18. Buyer Beware,

    I have ordered hundreds of dollars worth of cigars and this last time they fucked up on the shipping. Sent my cigars to Virginia. Waited an extra week and contacted them. They replied one time apologizing and I said send me my cigars with a faster shipping method and make sure you get it right this time. No response. Several emails later no response so I had to call the credit card company and contest the charge. Terrible customer service With a repeat customer! Garbage company in my opinion.

  19. I ordered a half box of Monte #4 and Partagas D #4 as a test from Top Cubans. The shipment was received within the time frame they promised and the cigars were properly humidified after their long journey.

    Unfortunately approximately 50% of the cigars in each box were unsmokable (too tightly rolled / plugged). I am assuming that these were authentic cigars and I simply suffered what many used to consider a common problem with Cuban cigars….quality control is terrible. It is worth noting that the bar code on the bottom of the warranty seal that is placed on the box was obscured by another sticker so i could not verify authenticity through the Habanos. .

    I sent their customer service / David a note regarding my experience and asked if any other numbers on the boxes could be used to verify it’s authenticity but did not get a response back. I also asked their customer service if certain vitolas are more poorly constructed than others, but did not get any response back. I will not be ordering more cigars from Top Cubans.

    • There are micro serial numbers, in a few laces on the Habana label. Google it to find out where to look. Use a UV black light, you should see a crest appear on the label as well. Just because a cigar is tight does not mean anything. The people rolling at the factories are not all cigar masters. Ive been to the Partagas factory in Havana on a few occasions. Most of the rollers are kids in their 20’s. The master rollers take on the more complex bigger cigars / torpedoes. Ive bought boxes at the Cuba’s National Hotel, with half the box being tightly rolled. It happens 🙁

  20. 50% of the cigars I ordered were plugged/ unsmokable. THe serial number to confirm their authenticity on the warranty was covered by another label so I couldn’t confirm with Top Cubans. I wrote a very polite note to David about my experience and he never replied which is very suspect. If you are OK with getting badly rolled cigars that you can’t confirm on Habanos Authencitty checker then order from this company.

  21. These guys sell the real deal. No fakes here. If you think they sent you a fake you don’t know Cuban cigars as well as you think. trust them 100%.

  22. Hello,
    Someone had any experience concerning cigar cuban bought on Thank you

  23. I’ve used TopCubans twice now and the cigars have been genuine both times. Codes check out on the Habanos website. As for plugged or loose cigars, I’m afraid that’s just going to happen occasionally. Whether you buy cigars in Spain through Tabacalera, Switzerland through Intertabak, or the UK through Hunters & Frankau, you’ll get the odd plugged cigar.

  24. 50% of the cigars I ordered were plugged/ unsmokable. THe serial number to confirm their authenticity on the warranty was covered by another label so I couldn’t confirm with Top Cubans. I wrote a very polite note to David about my experience and he never replied which is very suspect. If you are OK with getting badly rolled cigars that you can’t confirm on Habanos Authencitty checker then order from this company.

  25. They do have authentic cigars but you better hope your cigar gets to you. They have the worst customer service ever. I ordered a cigar 2 weeks ago and USPS lost it because Topcubans put my wrong zipcode. I tried contacting them and over 1 week, no response. So I had to dispute the charge with my bank. Their customer service is terrible.

  26. I have purchased from Top Cubans for years. I have never received fakes. My last order four months ago was RJ #2 Tubos. I have smoked several and they are not quality. Could they be just a bad roller, sure. I am going to cut one open and take pictures of the cigar. If there is even a little short filler, then I have a problem.

    • Ok, I took the RJ Tubo apart last night and it is definitely all long filler. I took pics but have no idea on how to post. So these Romeo Julietas are definitely the real thing from Top Cubans.

      • Long filler doesn’t mean it’s a legit cuban. The fake cuban cigar market is a 100 million USD market. A large amount of high quality fakes(sometimes with barcodes that show authentic) make it into the huge mastercases the grey market vendors bid on.

  27. Probably as bad as customer service gets. Ordered cigars in April. Never arrived. Order tracking shows clearly they never made it – no reason stated. Chasing them for a refund for 2 months. Received one tepid response three weeks ago. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE.

  28. Hello aficionado! I want to tell you about the online store – Top Cubans. Two days ago I received from them HOYO DE MONTERREY EPICURE No.2 SLB-UW-GPSR-M-n-50 cigars. I checked the cigars in the database and they turned out to be genuine twisted in 2019, but the fact is that 25 cigars were spoiled, the marriage is serious (the cover sheets are punctured, the color differs in different ways from green to yellow, the lighting platform is not even and the crack goes along the trunk cigars, area with breaks). I wrote to them and told them, and they conducted an investigation in their team and gave me an answer – such cigars should be and they offered to place them in a humidor for 4 weeks. You can imagine? if such cigars are placed in a wet condition 68-70 then they expand in the place of the lighting area and cannot be lit. You can talk a lot, but I decided not to contact them anymore and not buy cigars from them. I paid $ 432 and they sent me a bundle of firewood.

  29. Greymarket vendor – high quality fakes or cubans stores in poor condition. All of these vendors don’t even touch your cigars, but drop ship them from a single Swiss Bonded Warehouse. Save your money!

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