Finest Cuban Cigars is Fake or Real! (Part 2)

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Dear aficionados,

We are more than happy to come up with another  discussion. Today, we are going to discuss on fake Cohiba 1966 Edicion Limitada 2011 sold by FinestCubanCigars.

As you are all aware, in our previous article Finest Cuban Cigars is Fake or Real! (Part 1), we had tried to feed you on the fake Cohiba Siglo VI. Right after we published the relevant article, suddenly FCC had ceased selling box of 25 and start to sell 20 sticks. Later on they started to sell box of 25 again but with a different price. Current price of Siglo VI 25 is 766 USD whereas the old price was 479 USD. Do you think the reason in such increment just because they started to sell real Siglo VI? What was the reason of increasing a product price up to 287 USD at one time?

Let’s get to today’s topic. How can you distinguish real and fake Cohiba 1966 purchased over FCC? Let’s look at the details.

As you know, Habanos S.A is very particular about the box productions. Dimensions and shapes of the boxes must be same all the time and never differs. However Cohiba 1966 which was purchased over FCC is really different. You wonder how? Lets check it out,

As you can see below images, there are some discrepancies in terms of dimensions between fake and real ones.

We are all agreed that both fake and real boxes have hologram and UV water mark. But the bizarre thing, fake one’s warranty seal is lighter and blurry. Not clear as much as the real one. The real one’s is sharp and clear. Focus on fonts! how clear. Please check out warranty seal, hologram and UV water mark on your boxes if you ever purchased over FCC. This UV water marks are not a result of advanced-technology and beginners hardly can realize whether it is fake or not. So that most of smokers might face being cheated.

and BOMBBB.. When you check your product’s barcode serial number with Habanos website, what should the result be? Of course it has to match with your product. Another word, if you check for your COHIBA 1966, the result has to show, it is COHIBA 1966. However FCC tried to remove this barcode serial number on Cohiba 1966 but unfortunately they could not manage to cut all the way and left some of the part of it. When you scan this part with any barcode scanner application through your mobile phone, what to see? The code is  000013975158 and when you check this code with Habanos website, result shows up as ROMEO Y JULIETA ROMEO No.3. This is really a BOMB. Not much things to say!

Now lets have a look inside the box. It has been already proved that it is fake at the first stage but anyway lets carry on.

4. As you can see below image, the left one is REAL and right one is FAKE. Look at the dimensions. Dimensins are totally different.

5.Look at the clasp with cohiba logo in front of the box. Real one is sharp and clear whereas fake one is blurry.

6. Now lets look at the cigars finally. Below you can find the real box and authentic cigars. Other box and cigars are fake. Fake cigars look very good and wrapper color, cohiba sticker and rings look also quite well-done. But did you realize the problem here? Normally while Habanos produce the boxes, they apply different dimensions for the boxes than the cigar’s dimensions. Like boxes are slightly bigger than the cigars. By doing this, Habanos intend to avoid any damage might be imposed on the cigars inside the box and give some room in order to maintain the air circulation inside the box. Now after this, look at the fake box and cigars in it, you will see there is almost no any room and cigars look like touching the box. We think, FCC did not take this into account 🙂

This is the proof of purchase of this product from


Especially beginner smokers should be careful before buying expensive products. Otherwise they might get cheated and waste their money.

We also have lots of question marks regarding the structure of this online website not only its products;

*If they are a legal company why then they do not reveal their registered name in Hong Kong?
*Why they do not have a local number instead of using toll free US number?
*Why they do not reveal their Hong Kong address and only Switzerland address is available on their website?
*Why they do not have a local Switzerland phone number? and what is the use of putting Switzerland address?
*We found this on their website “We have been distributors of Habanos Cuban Cigars since 1997.”
This basically means that they are official importer of habanos in Hong Kong. But when you go to Habanos S.A’s website as you can see below,
Distributors of Habanos S.A
Official importer of Habanos S.A is The Pacific Cigar Co. Ltd. so now are they making fool of people? leave it to you all to judge this.

We suggest you to ask this basic but very important questions to this company before place order. We hope that Mr. Bill will reply your all questions asap.

Attention all aficionados: is belong to Finest Cuban Cigars as well.
as cigaranalysis, we tried to give you some perspective about Finest Cuban Cigars. These analysises were made based on purchased products from Finest Cuban Cigars and not including any prejudice. We suggest you dear aficionados to take these details into account before any purchasing. 
The falsity of Cohiba 1966 has been detected purchased from Finest Cuban Cigars. To make any comments on the other products is also not possible since we cannot say whether it is fake or genuine about the products that have not been purchased yet. Soon another examination will be conducted on another product in here as well.
We would like you dear bloggers to share your experiences negative or positive on Finest Cuban Cigars with us. It should be known that to acquire any clue about any company depends on your sharings. We know that in some reputable blogs, positive comments are being published in return for free sticks and does not reflect the reality.

Hope to see you again on our next article…

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  1. I don’t get it? I’ve bought cigars from finest many times. Never once had any of my cigars came back fake. Also never did the boxes look fake or the barcode. Plus may cigar bloggers/reviewers recommend them, I wouldn’t have found them otherwise. And we’re talking about top cigar reviewers with members and respected amongst us cigar smokers. You’re doing them a disservice with the blog.

    • Dr Joe is that you?!?! Lol

      I am completely thrown off by these articles (part 1 and 2) I’ve purchased multiple boxes from FCC, and everything always looked right (and smoked right). But, those siglo 6s (from part 1) you received wouldve had anyone suspicious! Has FCC gotten back to you with any response? Any explanation??

      • Dear Nico,
        As we highlighted in the above article in ATTENTION section, we do not claim that all of their products are fake as we have yet to try all of them. We had only evaluated a few of them and published our results with proofs already.
        We answered all the necessary response in the previous reply. You may want to click on the below link to see it.
        Finest Cuban Cigars is Fake or Real!! (Part 1)

    • I agree with you totally. Never had an issue with authenticity with FCC. And I’ve never been offered free sticks for a review. I have been given a $5 off coupon code for leaving a review. ( positive OR negative )
      And in the grand picture $5 is very minute when spending $300+ on some boxes of cigars.

    • Hi Joseph

      There’s no disservice of anykind. The owner of Finest Cuban Cigars Mr. Bill is known countereit cigar seller. His counterfeit cigar selling operation is well known within true cuban cigar buyers. The quality of the fakes he sells are very high and hard to detect unless you have the same same cigar, same box to compare next to each other.

  2. Mr. Tran’s comment has been published due to CigarAnalysis’s rules.
    According to CigarAnalysis rules, In order to publish someone’s comment on our website, he/she must declare that he/she is a real customer. The reason why it is requested is to prevent any negative or positive propaganda about companies.

    Following informations are kindly requested;

    Order number:
    Order details (screen shot):

    • If any of you here have heard my name before, it’s because I used to promote these crooks based on my experiences with them for years. It seems that when Dr Joe left the cigar community, these guys started coloring outside the lines. You can see on my YouTube channel that I sent a band to Vrijdag Premium Printing in the Netherlands from one of 3 Cohiba Robusto singles purchased at Finest Cuban Cigars. I received an email from managing director Henk Nota at Vrijdag that the band is confirmed to be FAKE. So the guy in charge of the company that prints Cohiba & many other marcas’ bands for Habanos SA told me personally that Finest Cuban Cigars sold me a fake Cohiba. When I confronted Bill at FCC with this revelation he lied through his teeth about it. There are security features hidden in Cohiba bands not visible to the naked eye, you need a blacklight & an LED UV light to see & test them. The band failed all of these tests as well, on top of the blatant sloppiness of the band, and mis-printed squares. Here is the text from my confirmation email from that order. Most of the cigars were genuine, but the Cohiba’s were CONFIRMED fakes, and I suspect the LGC Regionals were as well, though I have no proof of that other than it being a 2014 regional that tasted nothing like an LGC. I have the full story in a video on my YouTube page. My apologies to anyone who used these guys in the past on my recommendation.

      Your order (#100067192) was sent on 19 FEB 2019. Please allow about 10 days for delivery. The tracking number is RD 996 645 438 SE.

      We ship in the most secure way possible – such method of shipment does not allow for true tracking – it only offers a delivery confirmation.

      You may track your package using following link:

      Package which contains:
      3’s Cgrs of San Cristobal La Fuerza
      3’s Cgrs of Cohiba Robusto
      2’s Cgrs of Punch Punch
      3’s Cgrs of Trinidad Coloniales
      3’s Cgrs of Trinidad Vigia
      3’s Cgrs of Trinidad Reyes
      2’s Cgrs of Trinidad Fundadores
      2’s Cgrs of La Gloria Cubana Paraiso 2014 Caribbean Regional Edition

      Our cigars are sent to you in their original boxes from our temperature/humidity regulated humidors in hermetically sealed packaging in order to preserve freshness. Loose cigars are packed in reusable humidifying pouches.

      Naturally, our 100% money back satisfaction guarantee applies to the quality of our cigars as well as delivery.

      Enjoy your cigars and please do not hesitate to communicate with us should you have any enquiries.

      All the best,

      Team at Finest Cuban Cigars

  3. Am I missing something here? I mean, I am far from an expert, but everything looks exactly the same to me aside from the wooden boxes.

  4. Someone can help me ? cigars-of-cuba is FAKE or REAL

    the same SWISS.

    Thank you

  5. Bought some sticks from finestcubancigars, some sticks are real, but the bhk’s are fake, taste bad, bands are different with my inventory. tried to leave bad comments on finestcubancigars website but never posted.

    I guess all bad comments or reviews are not allowed on their website. thats why i can’t find bad reviews on their website.

  6. Hello Cigar Analysis, I made a purchase from Finest Cuban Cigars website and dissected one of their cigars (Cohiba Siglo 1). I made a side by side comparison of the real Cuban counterpart I acquired from the duty free shop in Canada and the fake one I bought from Finest Cuban Cigars. Can you please do an analysis of the photos I took? I would greatly appreciate some professional observations and feedback. Thank you for your time.

  7. Just ordered a box of chohiba robusto on finestcubancigars on 2017 sep.01, the box was badly damaged and those cigars smelled like Davidoff cigars, I’m wondering it is fake……

  8. Hello Cigar Analysis, I made a purchase of Cohiba Maduro 5 from FCC and I have a doubt about the authenticity as well. I have no idea whether you guys have tried that as well. I would be really appreciated if you have a clue. Thank you so much about these info.

  9. I think this site is fake. The English is atrocious and right away that is an indicator that the company/organization is low budget and not well funded.

  10. Hi,
    I just got a box of cohiba siglo VI from It Looks like the real thing. I paid 766.00us dls. everything checks as legit. the only thing that bothers me is that on tre transparent paper that folds on the cigars there is a big space between habana , cuba. I had siglo II before. and i kept the box, they look very similar.

    Where can i Send you pics of it

  11. I’m buying box of Partagas Serie e., no. 2 from Finest Cuban Cigars. I’d really like to know what, if anything I need to look for when my order arrives so as to determine if I bought the real thing. Also, I would like to hear of any other comments regarding this cigar whether purchased at FCC or elsewhere.

    thank you.

  12. I found this video on youtube

    Is it true ?

  13. I ordered some Cuban cigars from ‘FCC’ last week, cigars arrived promptly and nicely packaged and in good shape. I’ve bought cigars in Cuba for last 20 years and am quite an aficionado of Cuban cigars. I’ve been to all the Cuban factories and understand cigar construction and testing for quality.
    On my visual inspection of the cigars they appeared nicely rolled and wrappers were of good quality smoothly rolled and capped. The smell was good and they appeared authentic. The moisture content was average. I have some montes in my humidor bought from factory in Cuba. I smoked one of the robustos I purchase from FCC and the taste was off, construction of inner filler poor and they burned with holes in middle classic sign of a fake or at least a reject. I lit a partagas corona and same thing . Tobacco may not even be Cuban as it didn’t have the nice spicy earthy flavour from the rich red podzol soils of Cuba vuertlo anjaho region .(sp) . I will not buy any cigars from them again. Nobody should buy cigars from F CC

  14. I placed my first order with FCC before the pandemic. I asked for and received a sealed, unopened box of Bolivar Petit Coronas and their bar code passed the test at, plus I received the cigars only 9 days after ordering!

    So right away, I put them in my humidor and placed a second order. This time, I ordered three boxes: RyJ ‘Mille Fleurs’, ‘Punch 48 – LCDH’, and LGC ‘Paraiso 2014 Caribbean Regional Edition.’ Again, I requested sealed, unopened boxes, which came in two separate shipments, and the second was 30 days in arriving due to COVID-19; however, I checked the bar code on all 3 boxes, and once again, they passed with flying colors!

    As far as customer service, I cannot say enough good things about the way my concerns with the delays in the shipment were addressed by Cherrie. I have had nothing but positive experiences at Finest Cuban Cigars!

  15. I have bought from Finest Cuban Cigars Romeo & Juliet Churchill cigars they delivered a “FAKE” cigar box. I contacted them and after much back and forth with Cherrie finally the owner Bill came out of the shadows to address my concerns. The owner of this site is a con-man of first class from Israel he tried to justify the packaging difference between his product and one bought from another online vendor which was from a habanos dealer. Finally he agreed to give me refund. I would never trust Finest Cuban Cigars as a online reputable vendor. Just check out their selection and you will come to realize that they are not full ine cuban cigar vendor. Also he will not send cigar boxes that are sealed nor will he send cigar boxes with the barcode on them he takes them off to avoid detection by the pros like myself. BUYERS BEWARE OF FINEST CUBAN CIGARS.

  16. Can i ask Swiss cigar bank is fake or real cuban cigar?

  17. Hello to all participating on this parade of speculation that are in someway accurate.

    It is known that some or most of the internet retailers are full of crap including some of the world established cigar retailers.

    The bottom line is that they want to make money at all cost.

    I will advice to be careful of buying loose sticks from any vendors. I have visit some of them in person and believe me they are buying cigars booth real and fake.

    Pandemic also has not help the online community as there has been some interruptions on supply. Moreover some of the parallel market supplier have been with shortage of supply.

    I fully agree that Mr. Bill has been around for a long time and also has been hassling since he started selling cigars from California.

    I will asume that must of the comments are based in true experiences and not in speculation and falls narratives.

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