In February 1999, Habanos S.A. released the Millennium Reserve (Reserva del Milenio) Series to commemorate the Millennium.
They were issued in ceramic jars of 25 cigars, with special “Millennium 2000” bands. This series involved 10,000 Cohiba jars, 10,000 Montecristo jars, and 4,000 Cuaba jars; a total of 24,000 jars. The initial release was approximately 17,000 jars, with the balance released in 2002.
The final released in late 2002 was due to a quantity of the original jars being rejected (mainly) due to lid imperfections. These boxes bear a OSU Nov 2002 release code. These jars contain the 1999 production cigars, which were stored until replacement jars became available.

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