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Old Company Name: CGI International Ltd.
New Company Name: Cuba Tabaco SL (Fake name)
Phone Number: Not available (They changed their phone number with +34-518-808-721)
Fax Number: Not available
Address1: Unit 1010, Miramar Tower, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Hong Kong (They changed their address with Address2.)
Address2: Unit 903-905, 9/F., Kowloon Centre,33 Ashley Road,Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Address3: Duty Free Zone Calle Andres, Perdomo S/N Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 35008 Spain (They changed their address with Address4.)
Address4: Poligono Zona Franca, Oficina C31 Barcelona, 08039 Spain

New Address: Poligono Zona Franca, Oficina C31 Barcelona, 08039 Spain :))

Non-counterfeited products are placed on all cigar division, aiming to say “we sell authentic products, but unfortunately these are now out of stock”. A complete trick, but don’t buy this. Isn’t it funny that all these non-counterfeited brands are out of stock?

Many websites listed below is owned by individual called Andrey Yurechenko and these are other extensions of This is an organization trying to sell their products in different countries at different addresses with different prices. All shipments were made from Costa Rica.

NOTE: We are really happy to reveal websites selling fake products to our visitors and we also would like you to inform us about other websites you know selling fake products. with new name is

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Fake Cigar Review Blogs (the new name is
These kınd of blogs are seen as cigar review blogs however their aim is totally different. They direct you to their own sale websites and those websites sell fake cigars also we have pointed out these websites above article;

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  1. Hello dear Cigar Analysis,
    My name is Ivan i live in Denmark and i just have ordered a box or cigars from Swiss cuban Cigars. I realized i made a mistake becouse I didn’t backcheck the website before i made the order. Full me once. So i just got the box a few days ago and i even dissected two of threm, one i dissected in front of a cigar shop owner here in copenhagen. I must say the box that i got look legitamete, the band is the right one, same shape of cigars, everything. If you are interested i have uploaded a review along with the dissection, becouse this is only my second box of cigars i have ever bought. You can find the video on youtube titled “Fake ? Cuban Cigars, Partagas Louisitanas from Swiss Cuban Cigars” i would love to hear from what you guys have to say.

    Best wishes,

    • I saw that video. Those cigars were not fake.

      • They are fakes. The barcode sn and microcode sn don’t match. FAKES!!

        • If SCC is selling fakes why do they run out of inventory like other legit dealers do? If they’re selling fakes then they would never run out of inventory. They would always have what you’re looking for. If the goal is to scam you of your $ then the objective woukd be to always have inventory. And why stop at the 10 or so brands that they sell? Why not sell all the brands in the Habanos SA portfolio? You’d have more customers and make more money. You dum asses know nothing about what you’re saying. And you prove it every time you post on this left for dead website.

      • There is fake as as anything you can imagine they do not sell authentic CIGARS only Casadel Habano, EGM

    • I also saw that video, and I also concur with Steve Kern’s opinion that they are legit Partagas.

      • They were legit cigars. Too many uneducated smokers posting comments that prove they’re uneducated smokers. Makes this website no longer relevant.

    • Calman Paul Abrams

      I have purchased a box of 25 Montecristo no 2 from swiss cuban cigars . They smoke great BUT, I saw a video that showed that montecristo cubans have secret letters on the band that can only been seen with a uv light. I purchased a uv light and the letters are not visible. Everything about the box looks real. I can see the watermark on the tax stamp that is only visible with the uv light. The number on the tax stamp checks out with the cuban cigar website. The youtube video also showed cohiba also has a similar secret lettres on the band that also needs a uv light. I would also appreciate any feedback . My email [email protected]

      • When you question them they say there is no official information that says the micro sn needs to match the barcode?

        • There isnt. Show me where in the Habanos SA website it says this? It doesn’t. It only says the barcodes need to be entered into snd match what’s in their system.

    • Hi Ivan

      I got the same form these crooks. Their cigars are all fake. DO NOT BUY from Swiss Cuban Cigars website. Anyone that has should dispute their credit card charge with their bank. Every cigar they sell is FAKE. I order regularly from Cuban Lou’s and they are legit 100%.

    • Hi Cigar Analysis, could you plz tell me which swiss websites are good to trust not selling fake cubans? I’m looking around crazy right now

      • Don’t rely on this site. No one reads it any ore and the info on it is all BS. Not a single person has any objective info on what shop is good and what shop isn’t. It’s all opinion. Which means nothing. You can’t even trust cigar shops in downtown london. Some of them have been known to sell fakes. And by all means stay away from Mail Cuban Cigars. Biggest fraudster of Cuban cigars in the world.

    • Swiss Cuban cigars sells 100% authentic Cuban cigars. sells fake Cuba cigars but you don’t see their name appearing anywhere in this left for dead website. Wonder why? There’s a connection between this website and They’re owned by the same scammer. And every time I post something which reveals this it strikes a nerve and gets deleted. Leave it up. If you’ve got nothing to worry about and there is no connection then defend yourself. Since you can’t defend yourself, you delete the post. I’m pretty sure most educated smokers of Cuban cigars has made this connection. I almost bought something from them last week but didn’t follow through after finding out the connection. I’ll stick with SCC.

  2. Sommeone had more experiences with Swisscubancigars?

    • Swisscuban cigars is not fake. This website is. Run by a known scammer and populated with comments from some of the dumbest pieces of shit I’ve even seen. I’m embarrassed to be a Cuban sugar smoker when I read some of these comments. You are all a bunch of dumb fux.

  3. Funny thing here is, this sight might be what is fake. I just authenticated the cigars in that video with They were real… this sight spouting off about what is fake may not know what they are talking about.

    • They are fakes. See if the barcode sn matches the microcode sn.

    • This sight is run by a known Cuban cigar scammer. And he also runs Mail Cuban Cigars, too. I’ve been posting about his fraudulent dealings and how he has been exposed and he deletes my comments. Seems like I’ve struck a nerve! It’s ok. Delete all you want. You’ve been exposed and you can’t put that Genie back in the bottle. The best part of him ran down his mother’s leg.

    • This site is fake. It’s run by a known Cuban cigar scammer. Funny thing is no one but me reads this site anymore. You can tell by the last posting dates. They are all from years ago. I think the smoking community knows this site is run by a scammer who also owns Mail Cuban Cigars and has had enough of the bullshit. Mail Cuban Cigars is Also a site full of fake cigars. He started this site to slander the competition but it didn’t work. The only thing that happened was his exposure as a fraud. This site is so irrelevant now. No one reads it thus this is my last post.

    • This site is completely fake. And the posters on here are dumber than a box of rocks. I can see why it’s so easy to scam these people. They are all stupid. Uninformed. Uneducated.

    • This site is fake. And it’s been left for dead. Since I’m the only one posting comments on it. You’re no longer relevant in the Cuban cigar smoking world since you’ve been exposed.

  4. Ive bought a box of Hoyo DBL Coronas from Swisscubancigars are they were awful! Totally fake, finally after many emails and pictures I had to send them of their product , they gave me a return address. Never buy from them again….

    • You can buy from cigarone, they are legit, and they have good prices.

      • Swiss cuban cigars are for sure fake, dont buy froom them, there is no way that the cohibas they seling cost less than in cuba, you can make a simple comparacion, 1 siglo VI in cuba costs about 23 dolars, so anyone seling below that price point is prety impossible.

  5. I just received a box of Trinidad 2016 Reserve and I have confirmed through Habanos SA and all other methods of visuals that they are authentic Cuban cigars. I will order again from Swiss.

  6. I received an authentic box of Trinidads 2016 verified through Habanos SA and all other visuals pasts the test. They sell real cubans.

    • I hate to burst your bubble but I was stupid enough to by from these crooks three times 8 different boxes and until just now I was unsure but I just found out how to check the MICRO CODE on the seal that is where Habanos SA has hidden the barcode numbers that everybody enters into there web site to see if they are real. So I got a magnifying glass (or your cell phone camera zoom in) and found the 5 different hidden spots on the seal and when I did they all failed NOT EVEN CLOSE! I spent thousands on the crooks. So to everybody out there spread the word Swiss Cuban Cigars are Fake as Hell just check your Micro Codes they will not match! Sorry Mike!

  7. I ordered a box from Swiss cuban cigars and they’re 100% real. Numbers match on habanos website. Cigars taste great and arrived fresh.Not sure why yall are trashing them. Great customer service!!!. Will do business again!!!

    • As will I. SCC is completely genuine. Selling 100% authentic cigars. There is not enough tobacco in the world to roll as many fake cigars as what is suggested on this site. And who is rolling the hardest cigars to roll? The Salomones, the Toepedos, the Double Coronas? It takes years and years of experience to roll these. And these people are only found in cuba. Come on, people. Use your heads. Not a single person posting on here is thinking logically. This site is nothing but Groupthink.

  8. I recently received 2 boxes of Ramon Allones cigars. I am very familiar with them and had the opportunity to compare them with some authentic ones received from Cuba on a trip as well as some from Cigar one and Cigars of Cuba. Of note: the one’s I had are identical in every way.

    Upon receipt of the cigars from Swiss Cuban Cigars, I noted the following:
    1) The wrapper is more of a maduro as all the others are a natural wrapper. Red flag which made me look at this more carefully
    2) The band is made from a different paper. Glossy back unlike the others. Embossing is actually different (medallion is incorrect compared to the rest) It isn’t even close! I used loupes to verify the issues on all the cigars in my possession.
    3) Paper insert in the box is slightly different as far as colors etc.
    4) The cigars are a very mild smoke as opposed to a medium-full body. Probably Honduran tobacco. No bueno!

    Save your money and shop elsewhere.

    • I completely agree. We received an open box of Cohiba Siglo II (Swiss didn’t open other boxes) and the vacuum sealed packaging was also open. After back and forth, including pictures, they finally offered a $50 coupon. My last email accused them of selling fakes and they did not even dispute it. Since then we’ve been ordering from Cigars of Cuba and we’re completely satisfied. Comparing with ones we purchased in Cuba, CoC are authentic. Wish I had found this website before making our first order.

      • They offered you $50 just to get rid of you and shut you up. You were obviously a pain in the ass, uneducated consumer of Cuban cigars and is was worth giving you $50 just to shut you up and get rid of you.

    • I’m smoking a Partagas Lusitania that I bought off the SCC website right now. And it’s as real as they come. What’s not real is this website. Developed and run by a known Cuban cigar scammer who makes fake Cuban cigars and sells them on his website:

  9. I just recieve dmy box from these clowns and they were fake cigars. ALL THE CIGARS THEY SELL ARE FAKE CIGARS. The bands are reprints. The official habanos stamp does not have matching numbers. The Hologram is fake. Spread the world around to all cigar buyers that if you bought from this site in the past you got ripped off. If you buy in the future you will get garbage.

  10. I have been to Cuba many times the price is always the give away for a fake. Unless you are best buddies with Castro or have given him millions, it’s my understanding from my Cuban friends that the price is the price. While in Cuba I have been offered black market cigars there but refused. It’s not worth the risk taking them out of the country. I order from Cigarone delivery times are better than most prices are good. There are so pretty good fakes out there but once you light it up the flavor and burn tells the truth every time.
    I would like to thank this website for its info when I saw Monte No. 2s for half the price I’m paying now, I can see how people get suckered.

    • My barcodes match exactly what’s on the Habanos SA website. The taste is exact. As is the look and feel of the cigar and its band. What’s fake is this left for dead website that no one but me reads anymore.

  11. I got by swiss cuban cigars as well.

    A box or partihas shorts seems.rewl but the Bolivar, Hoyo, Cohiba and Punch all.appesr to be fake.

    2000 usd down the toilet..avoid !!!

  12. Hi
    I bought 5 boxes at swisscubancigar. What I can say is that all the boxes have a good number ok with habanos site. They have good stamps working with my special light. Nevertheless i m sure that the cigars in the boxes seems fake for one of the four. The HU Magnum 46 (2 boxes) are ok, the Trinidad Coloniales too. The Hoyo Epicure especiales have wrong ring. But they are good !! and make with real Tobago.

  13. Dracula Williams

    I don’t understand why a online shop selling fake stuff can survivor for a decade! Why?

  14. The Montecristos I bought did not have the UV light secret letters on the bands. They sell fakes! AVOID…. CigarOne and Cuban Lou’s will treat you right.

  15. Lorenzo Hernández Chinea

    The prices of Swiss Cuban Cigars seems very odd. When you compared with other web pages like or, there is a huge gap in the prices between them. Futhermore, you can find there stock not available in other pages on in local stores.
    I live in the Canary Island. The prices of the cuban cigar are fairly good due to the taxes… but higher than that web page. For me seems to be really strange.

  16. Twice now I’ve had contact with this company where I accused them of selling fake Cuban cigars. Never have I gotten a denial or anything to indicate I was wrong in my accusation. No doubt they are selling fakes.

  17. SwissCubanCigars sell fakes. The problem is, they are hard to spot fakes, unless you know what to look for.

    For example, I recently bought a couple of boxes of Epicure #2’s from them. Upon receipt, the first thing I did was check the serial number at Habanos S.A. — sure enough, it checks out. So, after getting that “assurance”, I purchased a few more boxes of cigars from them thinking they were the real deal. I ordered 2 boxes of Bolivar Royal Coronas. Again….the serial number checks out, so thought I had stumbled on to the best deal in the world.

    Then I smoked one of the HdM Epi #2’s. It didn’t taste “right”. That is one of my favorite cigars, and I have a couple of known authentic boxes in my cabinet. So I decided to compare the cigars….1 from a known authentic box and 1 from the swisscubancigars box. The differences were subtle, but they were clearly there. Here is a list of all of the things I found upon closer inspection:

    1. The cedar box that they came in was a different size. It wasn’t off by much (less than 1/4″ in height and width), and you wouldn’t even notice it unless you had a known good box side by side to compare it to
    2. The band has several differences. There is embossing or lack of embossing when comparing the two. There is color or lack of color when comparing the two. The size of the gold “dots” on the band were different, and the spacing of them was different. The placement of the bands on the cigars were different…with the fake ones being about 1/4″ higher on the cigars than the authentic ones.
    3. While examining them closer, the biggest tell-tale sign stood out like a sore thumb after I started realizing that they were probably fakes. The ones from swisscubancigars did NOT have a triple cap.

    Then I started examining the Bolivars. Sure enough, found the same issues, only in this case, there was even more noticeable discrepancies.

    These were dress boxes, and I happen to have an authentic box of Boli RC’s to compare it to. The artwork on the outside of the box was noticeably different. The colors were “off”. The definition of the lines were off. Opening the boxes, the artwork on the inside paper of the dress box was VERY different in color hues, definitive black lines, etc.

    The boxes were again, slightly larger than the authentic box. Again, if i didn’t have an authentic one to compare it to, I would not have noticed.

    And lastly, and most importantly, the ones from swisscubancigars did NOT have a triple cap.

    Again, the serial numbers on all of the fake boxes I received “checked out” at Habanos S.A. website.

    I think what the problem is, is that guys see that the serial numbers check out, and they are convinced by that fact alone that they are authentic, and they don’t bother to check them against known authentic ones, like I did. Once you do that, the differences are so obvious, that you will realize that they have come up with a way to fake the seals on the outside of the box, print bands that are “close” to the real thing but are not when compared side-by-side with an authentic band, and the artwork on/in the boxes is “close” to the real thing, but are not when compared side-by-side with an authentic box.

    I documented this all with tons of pictures….close ups of cigars side-by-side, bands side-by-side, boxes side-by-side, and sent it all to their customer service.

    Their response was “we agree with some of what you are saying, but we reiterate that all of our cigars are authentic”.

    When i asked what they “didn’t agree with”, they said “well, we’d rather not go through all of your points individually” and then asked what I wanted to do.

    of course, I wanted a refund and I wanted them to send me a pre-paid shipping label so i could send them back (they won’t give you a refund unless you send them back).

    They responded that shipping would be on my dime (as part of their agreement terms, and besides, they don’t have access to the USPS — which was odd, in my opinion). So now I was on the hook to send all of the cigars back to them.

    I asked for a return address, and they gave me the address of a Mailboxes Etc location in Madrid Spain.

    When i asked why I am shipping to a Mailboxes Etc location in Spain, and not their “offices” in Switzerland, they said that they don’t have the ability to receive shipments at their office. Yet ANOTHER red flag with these guys.

    I was assured by customer service that as soon as I provided them with the tracking number, they would issue a credit to my card.

    Well, that was three weeks ago, and still no credit issued to my card. I finally got a hold of another customer service rep today, who told me that the reason it hasn’t been issued yet is that they have not received the cigars back yet.

    I told her that is not what I was told in writing from the other customer service rep, and she basically told me that i was misinformed, so sorry, but that is the policy.

    Checking my tracking number, the package is now in customs in Madrid Spain. She assured me that the credit would be issued as soon as they get the cigars, which “shouldn’t be much longer since they are in Spain already”.

    Needless to say, I’ve basically written this off as bad debt, and if I do actually get a refund will consider it a minor miracle.

    However, I wanted to make sure that some of you don’t go through what I did. I see comments above about “the serial numbers checked out, so I KNOW they are authentic”.

    Well, I got news for you……they’ve figured out how to fake that. Unless you want to tell me that authentic Cuban Epi #2’s and Boli RC’s DON’T have a Triple Cap……if that’s the case, then you’re on your own.

    And yes, I can show pictures of everything that I claim above. Just not sure how to do so on this site.

  18. Sadly Mike above is right, these guys appear to be selling fakes. Just got a few boxes and the partigas P2’s do not match another box I got a few years ago from a known legit supplier. Differences includes;

    Original box has a flat stamp on it, the fake one has an embossed stamp on it. The hologram label does not look right. The ring on the cigar is flat not embossed like the real thing is. The font is slightly off, the spacing is a bit different, the quality of the print is not as tight. Also comparing one of my genuine cigars stamped from NOV 16, side by side with one of the new ones, its just not the same, the fake one is slightly bigger and unless you have them side by side you wouldn’t pickup on the subtle differences. Also the wood inlaty is NOT spanish cedar, I dont know wtf it is but its not spanish cedar.

    one final thing I noticed with the parti P2’fakes is they are over rolled , they are way hard to touch and no cigar will smoke well being that tight.

    these assholes got me and some mates for quite a few grand. plus we paid another 5,000 for customs and taxes into our country.

    Also as above, the cigars are not triple capped a big give away.

    Avoid avoid avoid.

    • You’re comparing boxes that are years apart, dumb ass. And you’re the asshole. Not SCC. They are selling real Cuban cigars. No doubt.

    • “They appear to be selling fakes”. Why don’t you finish the sentence? here let me “ But since I’m a dumb ass, uneducated smoker who is prone to group think I’ll just go along with what the other dumb ass uneducated smokers who also have no objective evidence to support what they’re saying”. There, is that what you would’ve said?

  19. Thankyou for your help …..appreciation

  20. Hi Mike

    I have had the same experience with them with purchasing Partagas Serie P. No.2. The box was off and the cigars tased awful. Everyone who is buying cigars from them are for sure getting fakes. Their prices alone make no sense considering the discounts they are offering. This company sells nothing but fakes and they have multiple sites under their flagship that are doing the same. Stay away.

  21. Cohiba Talisman from swisscubancigars were 100% legit and tasty as ever…

  22. Swiss Cuban Cigars are all fakes. The barcode sn is faked also, it doesn’t match the microcode sn.

    • All my barcodes match. So they are selling real Cuban cigars. Not like that piece of shit website Mail Cuban Cigars that sell fake cigars run by a known scammer who also runs this site!

  23. How about doing everyone a favor and post the online shops that sell legitimate cuban cigars? Btw – I purchased a box of Siglo Six from Swiss Cuban Cigars and they are 100% real. Now, tell me where to buy real cubans.

  24. I just received 2 boxes Bolivar Belicosos Finos and Montecristo No2, both serial numbers checked out on the Habanos website

  25. I think this website is bullshit run by a known scam artist of cuban cigars, who has since been exposed to the smoking community. I wouldn’t believe a god damn thing I read on this site. This known scam artist set up this website to slander and defame his competition hoping his identity would never be known. Well, it is. And the Best part of this scam artist ran down his mothers leg when he was born.

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