Jose L. Piedra Nacionales

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Factory Vitola: Nacionales JLP
Popular Vitola:  Corona
Ring Gauge: 42
Lenght: 134 mm
Diameter: 16.67 mm
Weight: 8.28 gr.
Strength:  Medium
Packaging Type: Cardboard Pack of 5 cigars
Packaging Type: Cardboard Box of 25 cellophane bundled cigars
Box Code: PRU SEP 13 (Bundle of 25 cigars)
Origin: Cuba
Made: Hand-Made
Release Date: 1996
Status:  Currently Available

Jose L. Piedra
Retail Price: (Pack of 5 cigars)
  • Lowest: 10,00 USD
  • Highest: 15,00 USD
Retail Price: (Bundle of 25 cigars)
  • Lowest: 45,00 USD
  • Highest: 60,00 USD

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User Rating: 1.25 ( 2 votes)
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One comment

  1. Mark Beaugard

    Cuban sandwich Cigar. Incredibly tight draw kept for years in proper humidification. Not enjoyable at all.Taste like a cheap Dominican. Bought them at the airport in Havana.

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