Fonseca Delicias

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Factory Vitola: Standard Mano
Popular Vitola:  Petit Corona
Ring Gauge: 40
Lenght: 123 mm
Diameter: 15.87 mm
Weight: 6.90 gr.
Strength:  Light
Packaging Type: Dress Box of 25 cigars in tissue
Box Code: BUR ABR 12
Origin: Cuba
Made: Hand-Made
Release Date: A pre-1960
Status:  Currently Available

Retail Price: (CB of 25 cigars)
  • Lowest: 90,00 USD
  • Highest: 110,00 USD

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User Rating: 1.71 ( 2 votes)
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One comment

  1. Very disappointing. I purchased a box of Delicias at La Casa del Habanos in Playa del Carmen. I paid way over list because I didn’t know any better, so that is a bad on me for not knowing. Anyway the cigars looked great. Well packaged and very uniform in appearance. That is where the good ends. These cigars were unsmokeable. They used short leaf fillers and that led to a roll that was so tight that even my best cigar tool did not help. This was not on a single stick. This was the entire box. I wound up giving a lot of them away because they were just wasting space in my humidor. Bottom line is that it is a lesson learned. I will never but a short leaf filler cigar and I DEFINITELY will never purchase these again. As for LCDH? Well, we will see…

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